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Things That Make Me Giddy

  1. Buying new yarn.


Farmhouse Yarns, Fannie's Fingering, Colorway:  Harvest
Purchased at Purl Soho


Farmhouse Yarns, Fannie's Fingering, Colorway:  Old Roses
Also purchased at Purl Soho

    2.  Finding fabulous fabric for a new bag.


Just look at that pig, that rabbit, that beetle, THOSE SKULLS!  Love.
Both pieces from Purl Patchwork, of course.

    3.  Finishing a project more than a year in the making.


Pattern:  New Math Cardi, my own design using a formula I thought up to customize the sleeve and bust measurements.  Those of you who have been reading this blog for a long time and also posses exceptional memories, will remember that I started this last winter.


I am one of those girls whose measurements aren't "typical".   I am also a HUGE fan of top down sweaters, but the percentage method doesn't always work for me.  The idea behind this sweater is to separate these two numbers in the calculations.   Small chest, largish, peasant girl arms?  Customize it!  Large bust, willowy arms?  Customize it!   Buff, athletic body?  Customize it!  Here's where I need some help.  I am one of the peasant girl types and I only know that the formula works well for me.  I'd love to have a few willing knitters, with various body types try out my formula and see if things work out as well for them as they have for me.  It would be great to have some guys/people making sweaters for guys too.   The details of the sweater are up to you; cardigan, pullover, cropped, longish, neckline variations, body shaping, just like your typical topdown anything goes.  The formula involves simple algebra and I will write the instructions to walk you through the numbers.  If you are interested, send an e-mail to throughtheloops at gmail dot com.  Please put NEW MATH CARDI in the subject line.   Thanks.


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Those things all make me giddy too! Especially that beautiful sweater. I too have bizarre measurements and will be emailing you for sure! Love it :)

OH! Man!! That stuff from Purl has sent me into a state of overwhelm and envy. That fabric!! Urgh!! Awesome!

Also. Thank you for using your math powers for good. If I were the kind of person who would actually knit a whole sweater, I'd take you up on your offer in a heartbeat. As I am not, I shan't. (But please don't take that personally. It's not you, it's me. Really.)

Gorgeous stash enhancements!!
And what cute fabric. :)
Love your Cardi too. :)

Cool! On all counts!! I just recently heard about Farmhouse Yarns, so I'm very interested to hear what you think.

And I'm so impressed and intrigued by your new math cardi, I'm notoriously hard to fit, so I appreciate the concept! I'm looking forward to seeing variations on this - I wish I didn't have so many irons in the fire already!!

I am a pretty recent reader of your blog, which I really enjoy - and am de-lurking to ask, can you tell me the fabric brand of the great pig/beetle/skulls? I am wondering if I can find it on Purl's web site. Thank you!

Fabulous yarn and fabric! I'm also liking the sweater a whole lot as well. Me, I'm a peasant girl with a bust. Good farm stock? I shall email you for your algebra. :)

Beautiful yarns...but I LOVE your sweater!!! I am going to want to definitely know more about it when I have a little free time. This could be my next sweater :-)

Beautiful new yarn and sweater! Will you be publishing the pattern?

It looks great - I love the colors and the fit looks really perfect. Worth the wait, yes?

beautiful sweater! I love it! and your yarn does make me feel giddy too!

you def have something great going with your New Math Cardi! I kinda need to understand the old math but once I do and if you're still in search of test knitters - I'll be game!

i love the cardi!! it's so simple and great.

Ooh, that Harvest colorway is yummy. And I love your cardi! It looks like a sweater that would be very wearable.

I love that yarn. I must get to purl for my next spending spree ;)

Your cardi looks wonderful too! I like it with just a few buttons at the top.

oh, what a beautiful sweater! i'm tempted to try your method, but i don't have the time currently to knit a sweater! maybe in a few months...

That fabric is FABULOUS!!!!!!

Love the cardi. I have modified top down patterns also - it's hard when your girls have gone missing, yet you have more "buff" arms!

Beautiful sweater! Love the fabric.

The pigs, bunnies & skulls? I can't take it. I swore I won't buy anything new until I made a dent. Must stick to the plan.

Beautiful colors on the cardigan. I love blue & tan together. I've got to give top down a try.

I love the Cardi, the fit, the color, it's all beautiful. Congratulations !!!

It looks great - especially the fit!

Oh man do I wish I had more knitting time as I haven't been impressed with the traditional percentage system myself. I'm quite intrigued! Although, now that my deadlines are almost gone I had been contemplating a top-down raglan for spring...

PurlSoHo is the best! I wish I lived close to it. Thanks for sharing the pictures. The cardigan is awesome! I wish I weren't so backed up on knitting of my own. I would love to try out your pattern. Pretty!

Great yarn and cardi! The cardi is really cute on you.

New Math Cardi: one giant step for knitters everywhere! Letting my own personal freak flag fly: I have big hooters, but it took me until I was about 35 to realize I'm actually, in every other way, small. I'm barely over 5 feet tall. My shoulder width is small, my waist, ribcage and hips relatively small, wrist and arms: small. I'm curvy, but so many patterns make me look bigger than I actually am. Fitted is the way to go to look my best but: my bosom has special needs. Anyway: I don't think my sweater skills aren't quite up to being a test knitter, but I am sure that I will follow your progress on this venture, and benefit from your experiments in the future. Brava! Thank You! (clap, clap, clap...)

Please, please, please tell us the name/manufacturer of that fantastic green fabric?!?!?

Great stash enhancement. But, most importantly, congrats on getting the sweater done, it looks perfect!

That sweater is fantastic!! So very pretty.

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