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Rickenbacker Revisited

This scarf served as a quick diversion from bigger projects that need my attention.  Its out of my system now and I can get back to the required knitting.


The bamboo yarn and open pattern will make a nice Spring scarf.


Pattern:  Rickenbacker (In my sidebar)
Yarn:  Farmhouse Yarns, Bonnie's Bamboo - 100% Bamboo
Purchased at:  Purl Soho
Colorway:  Sand
Needles:  US size 7/4.5mm
Bass:  Rickenbacker (c.1973)


Thanks for all of the nice compliments on my "Artist's" sneakers.  Also, thanks to all who weighed in on the teacher's comment.  I did hesitate a bit to write about it.   I don't want to come off as one who complains about teachers.  There are many, many excellent teachers out there.  Your comments made me feel that my frustration is right.  Luckily, she no longer has the offending teacher, the story I told happened two years ago.   She's never lost her love of the written word.  She reads constantly, and likes nothing more than a thoughtful conversation about books.  The love of writing will no doubt return in its time.


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What an awesome scarf and what a rockin' photo!!!

You make wonderful patterns that's for sharing this one!

K, I love it! and what great photos! thank you for making it available :)

Funny . . . Rickenbacker is the name of a airport in Columbus that was used for freight a long time ago. Lovely pattern and cool way to show it off.

I'm glad that your daughter moved on from that experience. Sorry to have posted such a l-o-n-g and drawn out comment, but your post came exactly one day after telling that story to someone else for the first time in about 10 years . . and it struck a nerve. I forgot to mention though, in case it looked like I was down on teachers -- my mom's a teacher. And a good one too. I'd like to think it was ME who made her that way. ;)

Love the Rickenbacker, as always. :) I think I just might have to put that in my Ravelry queue!

It might be out of your system, but now it's in mine! The scarf looks fantastic-- So simple and elegant :)

Love that frothy little scarf, that is so in my queue...

Gorgeous scarf and fabulous photo shoot, as always.

Wow...I don't know which I like better, the red guitar or the scarf...both are fabulous!

Don't worry, the joy of writing will come back when she is older. I have a similar story with my 22 year old and she graduated as an English major...go figure :-)

beautiful scarf! it is the perfect spring scarf, for sure!
lovely photos, as usual.

Oh, I love the edging on that scarf, it's very pretty. I have a ton of things I want to knit, and this is just one more pretty thing to add to my queue!!!

The scarf is really pretty. You're right, it makes me think of Spring. . .whatever that is!!

Such a beautiful scarf...thanks for the pattern...will be sure to link back to you when I get around to finishing it!

I love your scarf, thank you for the pattern!

pretty scarf! just right for this time of year!

Hee--awesome photos! A perfect way to show off that scarf.

Beautiful scarf! What a cool looking guitar.

The scarf is beautiful! I love all of the Farmhouse Yarns lines! The dyeing is gorgeous.

you ROCK!!
i've been a lurker for a few weeks now but can't hang out here for *free* forever.
love your site, writing and patterns.
as soon as i finish my (2nd) chevron i plan to make those mitts. great idea!
those project bags..wow! hope i can figure out the sewing part.
and i'm casting on for rickenbacker this weekend. i've got some Blue Sky Skinny Cotton hanging around, waiting for a purpose.

The guitar and scarf are both beautiful.

This scarf is so pretty! Very cool guitar! Love the way you photographed the two.

Great scarf and photos!

I really like your scarf design. Looks so nice and drapey!

Another project for the Ravelry queue...

Lovely photos, and lovely scarf - it looks so beautiful in this yarn!

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