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I've Got Nothing

I'm working on a project that I can't show you here.  Hopefully I can distract you with DD#1's newest art project.


She embellished her new sunny yellow Chuckies with a Sharpie.


She's been doing a lot of these line drawings on paper lately.  They each tell a story.  It's a good marriage of her love of drawing and story telling.  No, I take that back, she used to love to write stories.  Unfortunately, a few well-meaning but oblivious middle school English teachers have taken the joy out of writing for her. (One actually told an entire class that when writing a story all characters must speak with correct grammar.  No, not just for her class, she insisted that it is essential for all writing.  Luckily my daughter knew better.  And yes, she did try to argue, but the aforementioned teacher didn't take well to having a 12 year old correct her.  So, you can see how the joy can be sucked out.)   Hopefully she'll find it again with a good high school teacher or two.

Oops, sorry for the mini-rant.  Back to our regularly scheduled blog.  Hopefully we'll be back to knitting content soon.



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Beautifully illustrated sneakers.

That's an awesome way of personalizing her sneakers.

I played violin throughout middle school and into high school. My middle school teacher realized that I could not read music, so she nurtured me and taught me differently. When I got into 9th grade and went to high school, she met with the teacher there and told her how she had been working with me. Well, that teacher ended up getting pregnant by the end of the school year and was replaced for my sophomore year. She too told the new teacher about me and . . this woman proceeded to INSIST that I learn how to read music (by this time I had learned to play Matchmaker from Fiddler on the Roof - by ear) and would accept nothing less even before she had me for one single lesson. I was 1st string in the school orchestra and on our first day of orchestral practice, she called me to the front . . plopped down a the sheets of music that we would be playing at that years concert . . called me up to the front of the room in front of everyone . . and said, "Leslie is going to play what we'll be doing for the Spring concert." It was the second week of school and . . I remember getting all hot and shaking and everything in my vision just pulled away. Like tunnel vision. I started to cry. She stood there with her arms folded over her chest and smirked at me. It was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life. I obviously will never forget it. To this day . . I still have dreams that I'm playing and I wake up and my hands are sore. What I did not realize until years and years later was that I had something special . . and she took it away. Needless to say, I quit the violin right then and there. Never picked it up again. Now I regret that.

There are some horrible teachers out there. Cruel and jealous of younger talent. Please encourage your daughter to continue to write. Show her my story. I'm 40 now and wish I could go back and tell myself to find another way to play . . outside of school. Something, anything . . other than letting some jerk discourage me and giving up. *hugs*

Really cute shoes... they could go for big bucks! She is very talented.

I'm not sure how, knowing nothing about your school and its politics, you can tell someone who will care about this teacher's attitude. How does she regard literature that isn't grammatical -- say, Mark Twain, among thousands of others? Has she ever heard of creative writing? The imagination? This kind of limit on our mentality is beyond reprehension. Love the way your daughter's imagination blossoms on her sneakers! And elsewhere, I trust. Forgive rant; I know too many terrific teachers.

She could make some bucks doing that!Ask her how much she would charge for her services.I would love to have some of those for my daughter.Definitely unique!

Wow! Absolutely beautiful.
And tell your daughter to keep writing! Write for herself and no one else.

You have one talented daughter! :)

Forget LaVerna's daughter. I want!

You have such a talented family. I'm sorry that she had such a thoughtless teacher. Hopefully, she will get better ones in high school.

This (former) English teacher would have a few choice names for That English teacher. How 'bout Mark Twain? Oh, the Great American Novel is not good enough for you? Perhaps she's more of a Charles Dickens sort of a teacher? Hmmm. Faulkner, maybe? Harper Lee in To Kill a Mockingbird? J.K. freakin' Rowling? William Shakespeare?

Argh! Those people really give us a bad name!

I remember having teachers like that in middle school, my high school English teacher definitely saved the day as far as my love of writing goes. The shoes are very artsy and cool, I bet she'll get lots of compliments :)

Oh, you've got something alright!:) What a cool pair of sneaks. Hopefully the more time put between those "well-meaning" teachers and your daughter will renew her interest in storytelling, (and how she likes to tell them!)

Those Chucks look great. Your daughter is very talented!

I'm with the other English teacher who has already commented. You merely need to open any great work of fiction to see that breaking the rules, using dialect, and developing a distinct style have NOTHING to do with proper grammar. Yesh! Here's hoping she won't give up her join in writing because of one short sighted teacher!

Tell her this teacher, who has an MFA in writing, wants to smack that teacher upside the head. She can send me her stories any old time.

Those are brilliant! Why exactly would all characters have to speak with correct grammar? That isn't very realistic, now is it? Daft uncreative teacher.

I love her "Connies" as my daughter now calls them. We have had a similar experiance with a teacher this year. He actually docked her points for being "too creative". WHA??!?!? How the heck can you punish a kid for being TOO CREATIVE?!?!?! But she knows better too. Thank goodness!!

The sneakers are so cool - the teacher, not so much. She's lucky that her mother is a voice of sanity in the face of institutional insanity.

Looks like you have a budding designer on your hands...those shoes are awsome! She is very talented just like her mom.

Great shoes!!!
I'd guess that teacher doesn't own a copy of Trainspotting...maybe it would make a nice graduation gift!

I always tell my students that they - that would be the actual flesh and blood people in my classroom - have to use correct grammar since it is my job to prepare them for real life. People will look at them differently in a job interview if they don't use standard English. However, in our writing, using dialect, anything goes. Maybe that English teacher came in late when dialect was being covered and couldn't figure out what the hell was going on.

Veronica just peered over my shoulder and said, "Cool Chucks! I haven't seen those yet." When I said it was Sharpie, she got a big kick out of it. A Converse outlet just opened at the Crossings in our area . . . yummy Chuck goodness at $15.

Very cool sneakers! I love seeing young artistic talent. My cousin is a clothing designer in NYC and she use to decorate Vans and sell them to stores.

I was lucky that my high school art teacher became my mentor. I don't know if I would have ended up going to art school if it wasn't for her encouragement and guidance. My parents were so disappointed, especially my father. Chinese parents think that art should just be a hobby, not a career.

Those look great! She would be inundated with requests for those here in Brooklyn.

I agree with all the comments made so far. I have had my share of asshole teachers but this kind of guideline on a creative expression is just stupid. Luckily your daughter is strong willed and she can be because she knows that she has your support. I feel bad for the thousands (millions?) of kids with less courage and no one to back them up.

Wow, those Chucks look beautiful! I thought she bought them like that.

Very cool sneakers. Hopefully the English teacher situation will improve in high school.

Oh I love them! And would wear them too although I'm sure I'd get really strange looks. Not exactly the sort of thing you expect from a woman "of a certain age".

I'm so glad she has a mom like you. It's a shame when teachers end up doing more harm than good. I had an art teacher tell me I had to be able to draw to be in art class. Fortunately the speech/drama teacher's view was that if you could speak and/or move, you were sure to succeed. So I became one of those "play people". Did me a world of good too.

those are some great sneakers - she is quite a creative talent!

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