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Happy Pi Day!

I wish I had a pie to show you.  But alas.  My mom is coming for a visit next week.  There will be pie then!  Mmmmmm.  Go over to Nova's you know you'll find pie there.


Thank you for your wonderful comments and e-mails about Dr. G's Memory Vest.  They really mean so much.
I couldn't resist showing you a few more photos from our walk/photo shoot. 


The photos in this post were taken by my son's good friend Nick, who joined us on our walk.  My intention was to take photos to document the vest, his was to get some fun photos of his buddy for a school project.


I love Nick's results!


My son was a lot more animated because Nick was there.   


All of us had a wonderful time.


Especially Tucker.  (This photo is not Nick's, but was taken by Bill, good friend, kind soul, artist, owner [along with Karen and Tucker] of the beautiful property where we took these photos.)

The pattern for Dr. G's is available to all who make a contribution to Alzheimer's and dementia research.  Details in yesterday's post.


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fun photo shoot! Seriously, I think you have the coolest kids... no wait, you DO ;-) That vest is great and I cannot wait to donate. My grandmother has Alzheimer's now and while her mind is gone this 82 year old woman is in perfect physical health (Docs say she could live to 100... can you believe!?) What a woman she would be if she was sharp. Thanks for this great pattern/opportunity!!

Your photos are beautiful and so is the vest. I really like the scarf your daughter's wearing also - did you make it?

Wonderful photos and wonderful vest. I especially like the lone traveler in the road shot.

I second what Margaux said! The coolest! And the cutest.

So enjoyed looking at these pictures...the vest looks fantastic on your son...thanks for setting this up.

I love that shot of him walking down the road. His friend has a good eye for photos!!

Your photo shoot sure did yield some fantastic photos. The vest looks wonderfully stylish on your son, too. Congrats!

hi Kirsten! beautiful pattern and incredibly beautiful children.
I tried to make a donation through the link on your blog, but apparently it´s not meant for use for people outside the US.
best wishes from Iceland

Is that a Brittany or a Springer Spaniel? My Parents have a Brittany, they are the sweetest dogs...

Great photos. Happy Pi Day to you too.

What a fun photoshoot! Your kids rock!

Fun! tucker is adorable.

What a great vest - and pictures! Some talented, famous photographer of the future? Gorgeous!

what awesome photos! your son's friend is quite talented! and so is your son! the vest looks fantastic...i love it!

The vest is amazing and the photos .... stunning. Couldn't be more perfect.

Fantastic photos! They really show off your son's fun style. I absolutely love the vest...

You're welcome. I applaud you for having patterns that seem well designed and written, at least at first glance. In this exploding world of "knit designers" it's nice to see one who is conscious of style and technique.

The photos and stunning and the vest is amazing. Looks like everyone had a lot of fun.

You do have the coolest kids! I hope mine grow up to be like yours :) The vest is wonderful.

What an entertaining photo shoot. He looks like he was having a blast! The vest is just wonderful. A fitting memorial.

That photoshoot looks like it was much fun!! What great pictures. I'm so glad to read that you have the pattern out, congratulations.

What a fun family you have! Love the vest, it's beautiful! You did an amazing job. Your photos are amazing too! Just awesome!

nick does have an eye for photography, huh? these are such awesome shots.
your kids are so great. i love the way your son is wearing the vest.
he looks totally cool in it.

The vest looks wonderful on your handsome model, and I just love all the photos (especially the action shots)!

These are really great pictures, K! I had a plan to do some sort of fun pie montage for pie day, but we were driving back from VA and I was sick and it just didn't pan out. But there was pie sitting on the blog...unsurprisingly.

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