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Digging into the Recycling, version 2.0


Not to be outdone by her sister, DD#2 decided she should embellish a pair of shoes in her own style.  After searching the sale racks at Macy's, she found heels in her budget. 


She carefully selected text to be included.


The Mod Podge that we used didn't hold up very well.  After one day of wear the newspaper was peeling off.  We'll be making repairs to these.  Next time she'll try polyurethane.  The other issue is the shoes were patent.  She probably should have  roughed them up first with sandpaper.  (I was upstairs painting the bedroom when she made these so I wasn't around to give her that bit of advice.) Live and learn.   Regardless, I love the concept.


It was convenient that she finished the shoes and I finished a pair of socks within days of each other.  It allowed us to "kill two birds with one stone" in the photo shoot.   I'm calling the socks "Burning Ring(s) of Fire" as a nod to the fire theme of the current Project Spectrum.  Besides, who can resist a little Johnny Cash?


Burning Ring(s) of Fire Socks

Pattern:  My own, I'll write it up soon.

Yarn:  Pigeon Roof Studios, Superwash Merino Sock

Colorway:  Pink Lady

Needles:  US 1.5/2.5mm  (Why doesn't Addi make 2.25 mm?)


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Shoes look fabulous! As do the socks :)

Gorgeous socks! You have such creative children :)

DD #2 may be on to something. What a cool idea.

LOVE the shoes! Brilliant, in fact....

The shoes are great! Those socks are gorgeous! I have eyed her yarn before and I'm definitely going to have to get some next time there is some in her etsy shop. Very nice :)

Those shoes ROCK!!!!

You truly have very talented children!

I want to see if they can come up with a full outfit, head to toe. Of course they can, but why not a little challenge? A bit of sandpaper should do the trick.

Love the socks and the song title . . . tis my ring tone for my mother. Whenever I hear the little trumpet solo, it's time to say, "Hello, Mom!"

DD#2 partially inspired my haircut--maybe she'll inspire a little wardrobe re-fashion on my part too!

Love the socks and looking foward to the pattern. Toe-up Ampersand is OTN -- check out my blog for a small peak!

How nice she can "walk the line" in her funky new shoes - what a great idea! And a little Johnny Cash just rounds it out nicely! Since that movie with Joaquin Phoenix, I just can't seem to get enough. The socks are gorgeous as is that pretty colorway! Love!

Those are some more super kicky shoes!!!

Yes. Got to love Mr. Cash.

that is so cool! and i love the socks.

Great idea for the shoes! I like the socks too; it's a nice pattern for a variegated yarn.

nice socks!

I see a line of shoes in your future!

Your girls are so incredibly talented! What a proud Mum you must be!

LOVE the socks!

the socks are beautiful, and i actually think the shoes are hot! the DDs are such trendsetters!

Love the burning rings and love the shoes! I imagine your household is constantly thinking up more creative ideas. How fun!

brilliant shoes!

Very cool concept on the shoes and love the socks! Great job ladies, as always :)

Oh to be a house mouse and just watch the goings on! I love her shoes! What fun children you have!
I can imagine how hard it would be to adhere to patent. Do they still make those ready-to-dye heels? Back in the day, they were for brides and prom go-ers. And possibly gesso would work for those.

It looks like your daughters are as creative as you!

I love the new socks, and can't wait for the pattern.

All the shoes that's fit to print . . . hee hee.

Amazing!! You are just one talented family!!!

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