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A New Bonnet

Since Easter is so early this year, a girl needs a different sort of bonnet.


Perhaps something a little woolly that covers the ears will do the trick.  There are still some bitter winds to guard against here in Northern NJ.


I can never manage to get an entire hat out of a 50 gram ball of yarn.  This irritates me to no end.  I hate having to buy extra just for the last few rounds.  Besides, there was only one ball of the glorious green Berroco Pure Merino Nuance in the 50% off bin.  Luckily there are so many talented knitters to inspire me.  Scraps of yarn from the stash gave me that all important last inch to keep the ears warm.   


The colors of this hat have me thinking about fresh Spring grass, warm fertile earth ready for hopeful seeds, and brilliant sunny skies.  In the hat I see the potential of things to come.

And in the potential lost category:  boiled eggs - never to be chickens.  They are delicious though.


Ever since I was a kid, we've dyed brown eggs.  The rich saturated colors are not generally what one associates with Easter, but they are my preference over the saccharine sweetness of dyed white eggs.


Thanks again to all who have given support, donations and kind words about Dr. G's Memory Vest.   Every effort has been appreciated beyond words.  As of this writing, we have raised $955 for Alzheimer's and dementia research.  Just a little push and we could reach the $1000 mark.  Another way that you can help is to link to the vest on your blog, add it to your Ravelry queue or favorite it on Ravelry.  Spread the word and help raise money for those who's mission it is to eradicate these devastating diseases.  Feel free to swipe the button in my sidebar and link to the Dr. G's post.



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This is my favorite hat so far. I just love the way the colors go! I hope you get past the $1000 easily!

brilliant! love the colors, the shape, and the model is doing a great job!

Fantastic hat and beautifully modeled as always. I've just donated so now you're a little bit closer to the $1000 mark :)

The hat is great - I love the colors - and 50% off some of it aint bad either. :) The brown eggs really do make a difference, thank you for the tip!

Now that is the most luscious green I've seen in ages! And I don't know why, but for some stupid reason I thought you were in South Jersey--now I must mentally relocate you and your creative clan in my mind's gps;)

very cute hat....I bet you'll reach your goal before the weekend is out!!!

That's a great idea for the edging on the hat, so you don't have to use a second ball.
I love the color of your eggs.

Beautiful colors! I make a similar hat for the Autumn fairs here and what I do is use handspun (usually angora blends) for the garter stitch. Always nice to have that softness against your forehead :-)

Great job on getting close to your goal!!!

I love the hat - and the eggs - beautiful!

Beautiful knits as always, but dying brown eggs? Priceless! My eye was immediately drawn to the bright turquoise and my first thought: How the hell did they get the color so rich? Now I know!

I love those colors (eggs too, but especially the hat)-- unexpected and beautiful combinations.

That hat is gorgeous! I love the color combination. I'm sure you'll hit the $1000 or more1

beautiful hat and eggs (as per usual!) happy holidays :)

What a beautiful hat! You have a great eye for colours. Also, thank you so much for the link! :-)

What beautiful eggs, and what a great idea to dye brown ones. It makes me want to start dying yarn using a brown or gray base... Hmmm!!!
Beautiful hat, too!

That green hat is beautiful.

Love the darker egg colours - and the hat. And I see you are now past the $1,000 mark, congratulations!!

I love that hat! It's simple, yet elegant and classic. the colors are fantastic. And what a great idea to use up some odds and ends.

I never thought brown eggs would look good with dye - yours are gorgeous!

We don't even do the dye easter egg thing... but those colors are sooo very yummy looking, I just may have to start, for the colorific fun of it!

Great use of yarn bits on that yummy hat!

Happy knitting-

A beautiful hat, and beautiful eggs.

Love the hat! No one will ever know you ran short of yarn...the alternating colors on the bottom are perfect!

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