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What All the Cool Kids are Doing on Saturday Night

. . . they are making paper mache giraffes.


Or is it a Giraffe and a Half?
(don't'cha just love Shel Silverstein?)


DH and I went out to dinner with some friends on Saturday night.  When I got home DD#1 showed us how she had spent her time while we were gone.  Nope, it's not a school project.  For some reason she just got the urge to make a giraffe.

Perhaps it was the circus tent her sister made a few evenings before.


The circus tent is for their art class.  The teacher caught wind of the fact that there is some sewing going on in our house and asked DD#2 to make a tent to house all of the circus animals that the class is making.  DD#2 begged me for help, but frankly I was way too caught up in which color stripe should be next.  So the poor neglected child was left on her own to "figure it out".  (One of my favorite "Mom Sayings", BTW.  It works equally well when they fight or are have minor homework issues.)  Of course left to her own devices, figure it out she did.  She used an old umbrella, sketched out some pattern pieces and spent the evening sewing.  She's pretty darn proud of the results and so am I!

And since we are on an animal theme today, I give you Owly who was made as a stocking stuffer way back in December.  I found the pattern here.  Super cute, super quick!  Perfect for last minute crocheting.


I used alpaca left over from the mitts you see embracing him.  "What's the brand of the alpaca?  What's the weight?", you ask.  I've got no idea.  It was just something I had laying around.   No mitts pattern either.  I made them up as I went along.  DD#1 wanted some that were really long at the fingers so that she could leave them up or roll them down as needed.

Now that my darling son has discovered the joy of handknit socks, I'm in a bit of a pickle.  He's only got two pair and refuses to  wear anything else.  They stay on his feet until I tear them off to be washed.  Poor lad.  Both pairs were still wet this morning.  Perhaps I need to teach the boy to knit socks.  Hey mom, Aunty Lisa? If you are reading this, Anders would like a pair of socks.  Size?  BIG.


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I love the giraffe, how great to have such creative kids!

I love the giraffe! DD#2 is so clever to use an umbrella for a circus tent.

you have the most amazing creative kids! i too love and use the line.....figure it out! :)
i love that your son will only wear handknit socks! smart kid!

You do have creative kids! Intrepid, too. I love the circus tent!

I swear - your home must be one of the most creative around. Your kids are so cool!

that giraffe is great! looks like it needs some more grass though - kind of thin!

my hubby is like that with knit socks - once i made him one pair, it was all over!

That giraffe is so cute and very much something my daughter would do. She loves "projects" and making up her own assignments. She made a diorama of the Hannah Montana concert on Sunday. It was actually quite good.
I say definetly teach him to knit socks. If he can play all of those instruments so easily he may be a knitting whiz waiting to happen.

Your children are so creative. You must be so proud.

That's a terrific giraffe and the tent is just brilliant. You've got some really talented and creative kids. Clearly, they get that from YOU.

wow! you're kids are seriously talented and so creative! Love the giraffe, and using and umbrella for the tent is just brilliant!

cute giraffe ... would love to know how she did that one!

Your family just oozes creativity. Thank you for sharing - it's such a treat!

That's fantastic! I love doing paper mache too! You do have quite the crafty family--it makes me miss being home with my mom!

OMG, I don't know which one I love more? That little Owlet is just the sweetest...and the Giraffe (and a half) perfection:) The matching mitts are a bonus as well.

Brilliant creations from you all!!

That owl is super cute -- thanks for the link to the pattern.

Seriously. Your kids are out of control with the talent. It's awesome.

My nieces are pretty amazing! I love the giraffe, and the tent is inspired :)

I've got some REALLY BIG feet sitting next to me on the couch who are waiting for me to finish the socks for them that I have on the needles. My DN will have to wait a while...

Love and Kisses,
Aunty Lisa

aww, how fun! Those giraffes are gonna look fantastic.

Fabulous giraffe, cool tent, cute owl! I love how creative your kids are, and yes, you should definitely teach him to make socks :)

creativity runs in the family! great stuff all around!

Your kids are pretty fantastic! That giraffe is pretty neat, what will she do with it now? My son wants knitted socks! He (sort of) asked for them yesterday. It was very funny.

So much talent!! I adore the giraffe! The circus tent is just perfect! I'm crazy about the owl. Did you see her other animals on Etsy? Wow!

I'm loving the giraffe and circus tent, and Owly is so cute!

I will have to make your Dante's Purse and Sigrid socks -- I too adore seeing all the different variations : )

You guys look like you're all having too much fun (and I fully sanction that)!

Love the giraffe!
Hey, is that a cello in the background?
I'm just learning to play myself.

OMG- love the giraffe and I really love the umbrella. With 3 boys in my house "figure it out" is heard quite a lot!!

I love the giraffe and the tent! You have fantastic and talented kids. I'd try to get the son to knit. That darling owl might be worth learning how to crochet more than a chain. Does it take much know how? I have the idiot's guide to crochet.

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