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Thank Heavens for the Sunday Times

The "Giraffe and a Half" was lovingly painted.


And photographed in a natural habitat.



Discussions and negotiations are underway for another, larger giraffe.  Much larger.
I guess the recycling will be lighter this week.

In knitting news, I now have a completed pair of Ode To Eames.  The first sock was sent to me by Pam in November.  It was up to me to finish the pair.  Isn't Pam's choice of colors fantastic!   I love these socks!!


Yup, I'm a lucky girl.



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I love this giraffe! I'm excited to see the negotiated larger one :)

Those socks are fantastic! I want to make a pair too!

I love how your socks came out - the pair is perfect (though not as great as mine - haha partner!) Love the Giraffe, he is so sweet and Suess-like!

Awesome!! The Giraffe and the socks!! I love the color combo on the socks, truly excellent - and I can't wait to see the bigger giraffe :) What kind of a sound do giraffe's make, hmm?

Your three win the awesome cool kids award...and those socks are amazing!

Love the paint job on the giraffe! I hope we get to see the bigger one soon.

Great sock! And the colors are perfect. I'm knitting my second sock now too.

Wow, love the giraffe and the socks! I loved that color combo when I saw the first sock being knit, and it's so great to see the completed pair!

Awesome socks and way cool giraffe!

love the socks!! Great color choice from a truly talented swap partner

That is a fan-freaking-tastic pair of socks. Love them!

The colours of the giraffe and socks combined are just brilliant!

The painting giraffe is way cool! And I'm so glad you finished the second sock - it's a beautiful pair - in fact I believe I may have sock-envy.

I love the giraffe, it is captured perfectly in those photos. The sock colors/pattern is gorgeous as well, you do such beautiful work!

Ooohh, and I just finished a little thorpe for a close friends 2 year old, I love it!! :)

I love that giraffe - the color combo is brilliant (making note to self for future colorwork sock combo). The socks came out great. I love the pattern and the colors!!!!

Love the giraffe, love the socks, love Pam.

Great colors on the socks and on the giraffe. Hmmmm, good excuse to buy more sock yarn--giraffe colored socks.

I love that your kids are as creative as you.Love the socks.I love that aqua color with just about anything.

Oooo, I love the giraffe and those socks are awesome!

Gorgeous socks! Those are my two favorite colors, but I would have never thought to combine them like that!

okay, the giraffe is totally fantastic.

And I'm so excited that you finished the socks! If you have a chance, I'm kind of interested in the low-down: They fit okay? You like them? Gauge wasn't an issue? etc. :)

Love the striped giraffe and yes the colors on the socks are fantastic.

Love the giraffe colors. I remember you posting about that sock a while ago. In fact, those colors stuck in my head. It's a fantastic combo that I didn't even know I would like. Before the baby came, I went out and bought red and turquoise yarn, but haven't decided on what to make with it.

your kids are so great! i love that giraffe!!!!!!
and i look forward to seeing a larger one. :)

yes........i fell in love with that single sock.........and now a pair! wow.

I "heart" the giraffe! It needs a friend; I can sense its loneliness and longing for a gnu (hell if I know . . . just like the word). Love the socks, but I want to know what the inside looks like and how that feels.

Stunning - what a gorgeous set of socks!

Thank you fo rthe link to those socks, they are gorgeous! Watch out for those giraffes, you might end up with a herd in the house!

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