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Make Me a Hoodie. . .

. . . in wild colors, and give it a zipper.


How am I to resist, when a son, who formerly did not care if I knit for him or not, starts to really appreciate the beauty and originality of the handcrafted?  Of course there is the little fact that I love, love, love to work with color.  Choosing which color will come next propels this top-down raglan along at a rapid pace.  All other projects have been cast aside.


These stripes do not repeat, to keep some order to the 8 colors I only work the stripes for 2, 4 or 6 rows.


This is not a kid who fears wearing colors that are less than traditional for teen aged boys.  He marches to his own tune - and there is always a new tune in the head of my musical son.  I spent yesterday afternoon listening as he and a friend wrote a new song.  They worked out lyrics and melody, each improvising and inventing off of what the other had just contributed.  Two acoustic guitars, two baritones their voices going in and out of key in just the way that some of my favorite folk singers are known to do.  This act of collaboration was for the joy of the music.  Isn't that what music, and for that matter all creative acts should be about?  Joy and inspiration.


I love reverse stockinette stripes.  The extra stripe of the old color mixing into the new, and the new into the old gives a lovely added touch and seems to tie the colors together.  I haven't decided if the finished piece will be reverse or plain stockinette.  I will let the lad choose.

For those who asked, the Japanese pattern book that I used for the aqua cable in my last post is pictured below.  The ISBN is 4-529-04172-7.  This book is filled with beautiful stitch patterns.



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I love it! I have to agree, choosing what color stripe comes next makes for an addicting project.

I love good old colourful stripes too...hope my son still loves colour like that when he's a teen....boys need more fun clothes....can't wait to see it!

that is going to be one great hoodie - whichever side you use!

i have that same japanese book!!!! isn't it amazing! i want to make socks out of all the patterns!

Look at how picture perfect and neat each of your stitches are, girl. Wowzers!

I share your love of reverse stockinette stripes. I friend that just started knitting said that she hates the purl side, garter or anything other than the knit side. I actually felt bad for the "Wrong" side.

The stripes are gorgeous but oh - all those ends to weave!

Well this is exciting! Can't wait to see it. The colors are gorgeous.

these stripes are fabulous! and they are giving me all kinds of ideas :)

Oh wow, just incredible....you've got another winner on your hands, there!

Beautiful colors in that sweater! Can't wait to see the finished product!

ooh i love it, random stripes are the best - glad your son has finally come around after seeing his sisters all decked out ;-)

I love the happy striping. Wonderful colors.

I admire your son . . . musically talented and not afraid to throw a little coral into the mix. Can't wait to see how this turns out and "thanks" for posting that ISBN number . . . just what I need!

This is very cool! I can't wait to see it all finished.

I prefer the "wrong" side of the stripes too ;o)

I'm not good in stripes that's why I use this > http://www.kissyourshadow.com/stripe_maker.php

can't wait to see the final result.
happy knitting.

Love, love, love these stripes!
Make me a hoodie ;)
I have CROCHET PATTERNS BOOK 300 (ISBN 4-529-04175-1) and Knitting Patterns 300 (Lace) (ISBN 978-4-529-02071-8) from the same series of books and they are both, too, highly recommendable... great stitch directories!

Beautiful! I love the colors you chose and I love even more that he's flexible enough to appreciate all of them :) Can't wait to see the finished item!

This looks great. I love hearing about your son and his nontraditional ways. I wish for my children to grow into the people they want to be not the one they have been pressured into by peers.

Your knitting is so nice and even...beautiful! When a son asks you to knit...priceless!

How fantastic that he decided he likes knitting - and what a great result so far, loving the random striping. I'm off to amazon now....

The colours are fab!

Very cool, great colours, and it must be fabulous to have a son so comfortable in his own skin. Kudos to you.

Love the colors.I love your son's taste.But of course he has good taste-You are his mother!Had to rub off sooner or later.

The colors are awesome. You always match colors in the best ways. What pattern are you using? Thanks for the ISBN number!

Ooo, what a great hoodie that is going to be!

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