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Hopefully These Will Hold Him Over Until the Hoodie is Done


New socks for the lad in STR lightweight, Atomic #6.


Yup that is a Ukulele.  The boy loves music.  What can I say?  A friend left this little toy at our house a few days ago and he's hardly put it down since. 


No, I didn't make the hat.  His girlfriend gave it to him.  It seems her mom owns a knitwear company.  I know, I know!!  Would you believe they tried to hide it from both of us for the longest time.  I started to figure something was up when the girlfriend was wearing the most amazing handknit dress.   I later discovered GF Mom designed and made it.  GF Mom of course is cool, creative and very, very fun.

But you're here for the knitting, not photos of my kid playing tiny, tiny instruments.  (At least it's tiny to a family who has an upright bass occupying the better part of the family room.)


I made the stitch pattern up as I went along.  It's all about improv, baby.  I started them one night when I was at the station waiting for his train to get in.


It didn't take nearly as long as I'd expected to make them to fit his size 11's.

For those of you who asked, I'm in the process of writing up a "recipe" for "Dante's Purse".  It should be ready in a few days.


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Great socks! I can sing, but I'm always amazed at musicians that can pick up an instrument, mess around with it for a few minutes and then play melodies and chords. How they can just figure out the fingering of every note after playing just a few boggles my mind.

I love those socks!

Those photos are superb....I've just ordered myself a new and improved camera (birthday next month)....I will aspire to get such wonderfully whimsical shots as you do!...who plays the Double Bass?

Love those gigantor teen-age feet!! And the ukelele is way cool...

So glad to hear they didn't take too long. My husband wants socks and he wears size 12.

Nice socks! I can't tell, is the heel seed stitched or garter? Either way, the texture really stands out against the rest of the sock and it's a nice accent! I like the color choice, too. And here's to strumming the ukulele!

How cool...I love the ukuele...and the mandolin...and the fiddle.....and...

Those are great socks and the hat is great! Wow...you son looks very much like his sisters.

Wow your kids all have the same face! I love these socks, I think the color is very masculine without boring.

Ooooooh dear, when I saw that big D in "D.....antes Purse" - and the word recipe - I almost jumped in happiness - because I thougt for a second that it was about a recipe for "D....r G Memory Vest" - which I am dreaming of in my days and nights :-)
Never mind - I love the cool photos of your son. I have 3 sons!!! Your kids are lovely. So are the socks :-)
Greetings from Inge in Denmark
(ingeberg at Ravelry)

You are?!?! YIPPEE! I'm excited that you are sharing the Dante's Purse.

The socks are great! Love the color combo. Very cool that your son is so into music - I bet he's good too. Oh man, hope he keeps that girlfriend, what a cool thing about her mom!!!

Excellent socks!

love the sock AND his hat !!!

I love ukulele - you must see this > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puSkP3uym5k

have a nice friday.

I know that your son is way too young to be thinking about marriage, but you tell him to be nice to that girl! Compose her a song on the ukulele or something.

Instead of a hat and warm socks it looks like he should be in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt playing it!

well how cute/cool is your son? !!!!!
great, great photos!
love his socks......and yes......his hat! how cool is that that you have so much in common with his girlfriends mother!
thanks for sharing the pattern on the bag. it is really great.

You have the prettiest children ever, with perhaps the exception of my child. ;o)

The socks are great. Is GF's mom anyone we've heard of?? I love the bag in the previous post too.

aw cute! you make such good-looking children. if your son is into ukulele, a modern day ukulele virtuoso he could look up on itunes would be jake shimabukuro. that guy does some meeeeeeeeeean stuff with an uke! i was wondering about the hat... :)

Gorgeous socks! And photos of children/teens playing musical instruments always makes me glad.

UGH . . . you said "girlfriend." Up until then, I had visions of setting your son up with one of my daughters (yes, they still both have boyfriends - forgot about that one). Love the socks! Hope he appreciates them since he feet look a twee on the big side.

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