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Speed Posting or I Really Should Be Packing for the Weekend!

This has got to be quick.  Speedy. Un-edited for lack of time. 
But there is good reason for me to post.


Sarah and Gudrun have both been kind enough to honor me with a You Make My Day Award.  I am very flattered since they are both quite talented.  Sarah is the Plucky Knitter, and if you haven't seen or better yet knit with her yarns, well all I can say is you are missing out.  Big Time.  Gudrun is a very talented designer.  Have you seen her Slipped Hours?  Fantastic.  Start digging through you stash, because you're going to want to.


So the idea of this award is to offer it to ten people who make your day, link to them and let them know so they can pass it on, yadda, yadda, yadda.  So this will be my list of ten.   Some of you may have already gotten the award, sorry that I don't have time today to check up on this.  So if your one of my ten, and believe me it could easily be twenty or thirty, don't feel obligated.  Unless you want to.

Here goes:

Stacey - On and Off the Needles - She knits the most amazing colorwork socks I have ever seen.  So it only made sense to me to ask her to test knit Sigrid.  (Oh and did you see the glorious yarn that Scout dyed for her to use?)  Guess what, she was kind enough to say yes.  Lucky me, I mean she is a pro!

Scout - Well you all know Scout; her Swag, her yarn, her photos, her amazing kids and all with humor, kindness and just enough of an edge to make her interesting.  I want to be Scout when I grow up.  (Okay, she's probably about 10 years younger than me, but you know.)

Anne Hansen of Knitspot- She's brilliant.  I don't think I need to say more.  How can one woman continuously produce such amazing lace patterns?  I'm convinced that she fell to earth from some other universe with much higher thinking inhabitants.

Cara of January One. Our favorite Bruce loving New Year's Baby- Always inspires with her amazing photos, wit, and fantastic color choices.  And she's having a baby!!  Just imagine the handknits that kid is going to have!

Lolly - I know for a fact that she's gotten more than one of these, but I'm passing it on to her to anyway.  I don't think there is one individual who does more for knit bloggers than Lolly.  Socktoberfest, Project Spectrum, fabulous tutorials, fantastic photos.  She always makes my day.

Lola and Ava Two Black Sheep - Everyone's favorite sisters!  Their affection for one another is contagious.  I want in on their family.  Their posts are always funny and interesting, along with lots of delicious knits.   Go over and have a look at Lola's newest project.  He's a cutie!  Oops, they nominated me too.  I really should catch up on my blog reading!  Well it's just the mutual admiration society around here!

Nova of Nova Made
- Yummy Pies!  Fantastic Knitting!  Beautiful Photos!  The Cutest Toddler in Knitblogs!  Yup, she's got it all, and a cool new pair of glasses too!

Nora of Black Dog Knits - Newly Wed and still managed to post inspiring photos right up to the big day.  She is a master of serenity, simplicity and beauty.

Pam of Flintknits - Every time this girl posts a FO, my Ravelry queue gets longer!  A rock star both literally and figuratively.  I was the lucky recipient of one of her socks in a sock exchange last fall.  I am blissfully finishing the second.

Leslie of A Friend to Knit With - Beautiful projects, beautiful photos.  Always an inspiration.  I still want to make a pom-pom tree like hers (scroll down).  I even bought the little pom-pom making gizmo.

So there you have it.  Ten who make my day.  Trust me, there are many, many more.


Now I'm off to pack, pick up DD#2's contacts, buy hay for the bunny, do laundry, finish editing Sigrid so Stacey can test knit, clean the kitchen, load the car, gas up, shower and pick up the kids by 1:30 so we can get into the city for DD#2's show.  She's a-singing tonight.  I love to listen to my baby sing.

The cable photos are of an afghan square for Maryse.  She is putting together an afghan for a friend's father who is in a VA hospital far from loved ones.  The yarn is Moda Dea Washable Wool.  I'll be knitting more cables in this yarn.  Squishy, Yummy.

Oh, and for those of you who wondered, yes DD#2 was freezing in her tank top when she posed for the Bainbridge photos.  But I'm her mom and she's got to do what I say.  Right?  Trust me, she makes me suffer way more than I make her!



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Thank you! That's very sweet of you to think of me! You're definitely in my top ten as well.

And one of these days, if it KILLS me, we're going to HANG OUT!

she looks like she's singing in that photo already! :)

:) aww, thanks!!!

Thanks for linking to some new-to-me blogs. Have fun this weekend!

Thanks for the links! I found some new blogs out there!

Great post! I don't have a blog (in my thoughts), but you definitely are in my top ten list of blogs. I'm glad you posted your ten, because I love looking at blogs, getting new patterns and ideas. You daughter is so adorable! Oh, and the pattern link for Slipped Hours, which I love, is sold out!! I have to email her! I want the pattern!

Thank you, thank you . . . I don't think our own sister would agree with that first statement though. There's a reason we have the number "2" in our blog title. Knowing that kids will do just about anything you tell them to (within reason), I was only slightly concerned with your daughter's warmth. Then again, I am keeping the house at a balmy 64 degrees this winter. That means "Go put on your woolen socks" to most people! And here I thought I was the only one who like Moda Dea's washable wool!

There are so many inspiring knitters out there, what a great post. Enjoy the concert!

so sweet. and of course, right back at ya!!!
have a fabulous weekend.

thank you so much, Kirsten~ i just adore your blog and your work :) i love the neckwarmer!

Well, I'm nominating you too! You deserve it!

i'm late. but i nominated you, too!

I am way older than you think!!!

You're so sweet - thank you! Your blog totally makes my day! x

PS: The calendar arrived this morning! :)

He, He that last pic is hilarious.

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