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My Baby Takes the Morning Train

E Train, originally uploaded by throughtheloops.

This is my first attempt at blogging from my new cell phone. I beg you to forgive my typos and the lack of links. I'm just not there yet.

What I feeling all giddy about is the quality of photos I seem able to get with this new toy. Not bad for a cell phone. Then again, the possibility exists that I will get home to my trusty laptop and realize that the photo is blatantly mediocre when viewed any larger than the 1.5"x2" screen of my phone.

For the past few days I haven't been able to get the annoyingly persistent song from the title of this post out of my head. (My appologies if I have just cursed you with this affliction!) The reason for this torture is that of late my kids and I have replaced our 3-4 drives per week into NYC, with train rides. The initial reason was to avoid the perils of holiday traffic. As I've enjoyed these leisurely rides I've found other benefits. The risk of having a bus take off my side mirror is significantly less (yes, this has happened), we reduce the amount of fossil fuels we use and emissions that we add to the air, my kids and I are much less stressed, and a great deal more knitting is accomplished. There is a downside however. The cost of three or four off peak round trip tickets is much greater than I normally pay for parking, tolls and gas combined. (We pay a monthly fee in a parking garage, so we pay quite a bit less than the average daily parking fees.) It also takes us close to twice as long (I know all of the best short cuts to get around tunnel traffic, and no, I'm not going to tell you, if everyone knew then I wouldn't be able to reduce a 1 you back up to 10 minutes!)(true fact, I did it last week!)

Enough of this babble, I should really get around to giving you what you've so kindly stopped by for, knitting.

The hat is the ubitquitous Foliage from Knitty Fall '07. It is a quick, easy, well written pattern. Perfect for stash busting and making last minute gifts to attempt to cheer vocal teachers who are enduring family crisis.

The yarn is Malabrigo worsted. I held two strands together and made the chunky version of the hat. I cast on at 11:00pm last night and bound off on the train this morning. I even managed to get 7.5 hours of sleep. That is a quick project. DD#2 is giving the hat to the teacher as I write this.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


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Cute hat! I loved taking the train to work when I did. There are hassles to it, sure, but it beats driving any day.

blogging on a phone? What kind of cell phone is it? How cool is that?

LOVE the hat!

That is sooooo cool that you blogged from your phone, what a great quality picture. And I'm really proud of your family going the public transportation route into the city, I'm all for lowering emissions.

I absolutely LOVE that song! Thanks for reminding me of it, I am now going to add it onto the ipod playlist. Yet another gem to help me survive the gym.

And that hat is fabulosity! Looks so soft and pretty.

What phone are you using? My Razr totally stinks when it comes to taking pics, not to mention that sometimes it has alzhiemers and just forgets that its a cell phone at all. I am currently phone shopping, and one that can photograph that well, AND blog from.. woot!

wonderful hat! and your inaugural cell phone post is just perfect! as is that picture - brilliant quality for a phone cam! yay :)

Did she also *work for 9 to 5 and then, he takes another home again and to find me waiting for him* OMG - I'm afflicted:) Love the hat - I must now make one in Malabrigo - gorgeous! And the blogging from your phone is pretty slick!

Blogging from a cell phone? You are da bomb!

I would never have guessed that was a cell phone picture! ps Am writing this while wearing the chevron mitts I completed about 5 minutes ago :)

The hat is awesome! Don't give it away!!! I love the picture from the phone. It looks as though it's out of a magazine! Your daughter is really pretty. What kind of phone do you have? Are you talking about Boston or New York? Oh, I know! It's New York! PurlSoHo! Ha! A big give-away! Stick with the train. There are a lot of pros to that!

That is a fantastic picture, I agree with the poster who says that it looks nothing like cell phone picture. Love the Foliage hat, it's fantastic!

The quality of the photo is good! I would never have known you used a cell phone. The hat is great color.

What a great, great picture! You can BLOG FROM YOUR PHONE?!?! That's amazing. Can I ask what kind of phone you are using?

Love that pic!You even take great photos from a cell phone.I am beginning to believe there isn't much you can't do.
What color is that Malabrigo?It's gorgeous.

I would also like to know what type of phone you have. The photo looks excellent on this screen!

I love taking the train - unfortunately it's not safe to take the train here...

Great hat!

Cool picture. I had a phone for christmas that I can blog from, haven't quite worked out how to do it and I am not sure if I ever will!!! Took me long enough to work out how to blog normally ;)

Cannot believe you did this entry from a cell phone. The photo looks great and I never would have guessed it came from a cell phone. Wow!

I love taking the train into the city. The last time we did though, I couldn't get into the groove of knitting so that was a bummer. I think the next time, I'm catching it in Hacketstown and riding for the long haul. Might get a sock done during that time.

i LOVE how you have this calm (or whatever) look on your face right next to the lsdjdosdnvoidfnvdsvpdfnvldjffnvdjnvfpafjdvljdnvpdnvljdzfnv of the noisy train. Lotsa action.

hey, the picture looks great! and i'm impressed with your cell phone blogging skills :)

It's definitely worth it to switch to public transit as often as possible. The costs of driving may not all be evident but the benefits of public transit are many. Okay, okay, so sometimes the wait for the late bus or train can be deadly... but good on you all for giving the train a chance.

I wish I lived where there was good public transportation. Well, and I wish I could knit as well as you and had the same phone and knew how to use it LOL

you are just too cool. :)
and thanks for the review on the hat.....i will have to give it a go...it is so cute!

That's a beautiful picture! I'm glad you're giving public transit a shot-- I hope someday I'll live and work in a place where I can do it :)

Cute hat! Great job on blogging from your phone!

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