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Button-y Bainbridge

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your kind words about Dr. G's Memory Vest.   Each story of families affected by Alzheimer's and Dementia motivates me to get this pattern finished.  It is heartrending how many have had to watch a loved one fade away from these terrible diseases. 

Since knitters are such honest types, I will be using the honor system when I offer the pattern in exchange for donations to Alzheimer's and Dementia research.


I knit up a little Cap Karma last Thursday.  It was a particularly cold and blustery night in NYC, so I wandered uptown to String and treated myself to a bit of cashmere.  This stuff is delicious!  So soft!  I used Brooklyn Tweed's modifications for this hat to continue the cabling onto the crown.


It has taken awhile, but I have finally chosen a winner for my "help me find a pattern for my homespun" contest.  I swatched, and swatched.  There were so many wonderful suggestions.  I think I tried out about 6 or 7 of them before finally settling on Bainbridge.   I modified the pattern a bit by eliminating the ties and using a button to close it. 


Since three people suggested this pattern, I used a random number generator to select one.  The roll of the die picked Nova.  Send me your address Nova and I will send a project bag and some fiber-y goodness your way.

Bainbridge_close .

Bainbridge works up beautifully in handspun.  The simple broken rib of the pattern shows the yarn off to perfection and softness of Kim's fiber (silk, angora, merino) deserves to be draped around the neck.  I wore my new Bainbridge on my schlep into the city tonight and it kept my neck toasty warm!


Thanks to everyone for all of the incredible suggestions.  My Ravelry queue has grown quite a bit as a result!  If you haven't looked through all of the comments, go have a peek.  There are some fantastic, quick knits listed.


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i see remnants of snow on the ground and DD wearing a tank top! wasn't she cold?

That Bainbridge looks lovely, I like it with the button better than the ties.

Mai-In answer to your question: She was freezing! You should see some of the out takes! ;) Her bulky coat & sweater were blocking the view of the scarf! Don't worry about DD. She's got enough fire in her to keep her quite toasty! We were pretty quick with the photo shoot too since we were trying to beat tunnel traffic and had to hop in the car as soon as we finished.

it looks beautiful and i love the button! Congrats to the winner! I will be back for the vest pattern when you are all set up! (and let us know which specific organizations you prefer for the donations to)

Love the yarn choices...and that button..where did you get it?

I love the photos [and knitting] in this post! So, so beautiful!

You made such lovely yarn out of the fiber :-) Bainbridge is just perfect for it !

Your Bainbridge is fantastic, an excellent choice!

That does show it off wonderfully! Perfect!! What a cozy hat...another pattern to add to my way too big queue!

That is beautiful! What a perfect pattern for that lovely handspun. And I LOVE buttons. Bravo.

What an excellent choice! That soft yarn is perfect for cuddling your neck!

Brrrrr......your daughter is a brave girl..haha!

you look lovely in your new hat! and it must feel lovely as well.

great pattern for your yarn. and you have the best models! :)

your Bainbridge is gorgeous! and i LOVE that button! great hat too! i really want to give that one a go... off to my ravelry queue!

Hilarious about the tank top--sometimes, we have to suffer a bit for art, right? ;) As always, your knitting and photos are gorgeous and make me want to frolic through a snow-dusted countryside in my handknits.

Great choice with the Bainbridge! Love the button.

Nice projects - I just got a Bainbridge off the needles too - I loved the project! I like your button-y accent!

The scarf is fabulous! I love the modification! Where did you get the fabulous button? I'll send my address poste haste!

I like your button mod for Bainbridge! It did knit up beautifully in your handspun, and the button is perfect. Great hat too. I'll have to look up that pattern.

Sometimes, a bit of cashmere is just the thing. And Bainbridge looks phenomenal, great job!

Your knits are so pretty! So is your daughter - I love her hair!

thank you! I finished my bainbridge, and I thought "meh". This is a great fix! Off to the button box.......

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