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Beret Recipe

One Day Beret 2, originally uploaded by throughtheloops.

As promised, here is the recipe for the "One Day Beret". This will work for any gauge. That's one thing that I love about top down! For the hat in the photo I alternated each round between two colors of handpainted yarn.

To make the hat I cast on 4 sts.
For the first round I knit into the front and back of each stitch. (8sts) Place markers between each of these eight stitches, they will mark your increases.
2nd round: Kf&b each stitch (16 sts).
3rd round: (Kf&B 1, k1) repeat to end of round (24 sts).
(I work the increase rounds for each of the first three rounds to make the top of the hat a little flatter.)
4th round: knit
5th round: (Kf&b, k to marker) repeat to end of round (32 sts)

Continue in this way, alternating plain knit rounds with increase rounds. The number of knit stitches between the kf&b's will increase by 1 each time. Stop increasing once your work measures about 8.5" diameter.

Now work plain stockingette for 3 1/2 to 4". The amount of plain stockinette you work will determine how "slouchy" the hat is.

Begin decreasing by (K2tog, knit to marker) to end of round. Alternate this decrease round with plain knit rounds until the desired number of brim stitches** remain.

**You will determine the desired number of brim stitches "c" by finding your stitches per inch "a" and your head measurement minus 2 inches "b". Now multilply: axb=c.

Adjust this number to the nearest multiple of 8. Since you have already subtracted 2" from the head measurement, when in doubt adjust the number up.

Switch to needles that are 1 size smaller than those that your worked the body of the hat with and work in 1x1 rib for about 1-1.5". Bind off loosely.


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Thank you so much iPhone twin!!!

Oh thanks! Another great recipe.

You Rock! Thanks for this! I must try. I just love the yarn you used too!

Seems pretty simple. When you CO 4 do you join into a round right away?

Thank you so much for this pattern. I have been wanting to make myself a beret for a while with some gorgeous KPPM I bought but have been too lazy to search for a pattern that would work easily with fingering weight yarn. This is perfecto!!

Thanks for the email to let me know about your "recipe" I can't wait to get to the states and dive into my stash and cast on. Thanks again, Happy knitting!

Thank you so much for the pattern. I love all your handmade knits especially your hats.

Thanks for the beret recipe! I've been quite into knitting berets and stumbled across yours as I had been looking for a hat pattern for some variegated chunky yarn in my stash. Lovely hat!

Love this! Thanks for the pattern!

Thank you for the recipe, I have curly hair and this is only type of hat I can wear that actually looks ok on my big hair.
Happy New Year!

Great recipe! Thanks!

Oh, thanks a bunch. I'm on a hat kick and this one looks fun!

Such a perfect colour combination! Another fantastic result!

Lovely beret! I've been pondering a few different beret patterns. I think yours may be just what I'm looking for. Thanks!

I am stuck on round 5. So I do the kf&b at each marker as well or just at the begining of the round. Sorry to sound dumb. Thanks for the help.

Perfect! Just the other day, DGD asked me if I could knit her "a french hat." And here it is. Thanks so much,

thank you so much. I like it so much since I can use any gauge.

I've been looking for a soft poofy hat to make for a chemo-patient friend. She's tired of watch caps and the like and said she'd be thrilled with something like this. THANKS!


yummy! i can't wait to try this, i saw it on ravelry. thanks!

What size needles did you use? The beret is beautiful.

Also, what yarn did you use?

This is a great formula, I have been looking for a pattern like this for my friend who has asked for a 12 inch beret.I never thought of doing it from the top down. This is the first beret pattern I have seen, that measures the diameter. Thanks so much, this saves me alot of frogging.

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