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Ah, Cables!


I could just sit and knit these squares all day.  I don't know which is more fun, the knitting or pouring over cable pattern books.  I do know that I love this yarn for the way it pops those cables right off the surface, and its softness as I work.

The squares are going to Maryse for the afghan she is putting together for Elisa's Dad.

Yarn:  Moda Dea Washable Wool
Patterns:  Bottom from a Japanese stitch dictionary, top from Cables Untangled.
Needles: US 7 (4.5mm)
Size: 8x8"


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Oh my, these are beautiful!

Those are awesome! You put my square to shame.

There is such a satisfaction in knitting swatches, especially cables or lace. Beautiful.

Love those two squares together! I've been wondering about that yarn, now you've got me interested...

Oh those are beautiful! That will be a very pretty addition to the afghan!

I'm still not a huge cabler but these inspire me!

Hey! Just fyi, I nominated you for a You Make My Day award -- more on my blog!

Love the colors and stitch patterns!

Beautiful cables. I like the japanese stitch, which book was that from?

oh. love the colors and the patterns.
what a special blanket it will be. very touching.

those are some ultra cool giant swatches.... :)

Gorgeous - I could just stare at them all day!

I just love your cable squares. I want to get a Japanese stitch pattern book but there are several to pick from. Which one is this pattern from?

My two favorite colors and cables.....mmmmm makes for a wonderful blanket.

Love it Love it Love it!

Hello Jersey girl, long time no see!

Love the cable squares and the yarn suggestion, moda dea, will have to look at that again next time I'm at Michaels.

Oh my those are gorgeous!

Wow... those two colors together are one of my all time (and go-to) color combinations. Although I normally hate creating blankets, you have me thinking that a robin's egg blue/chartreuse stitch sampler just might be worthwhile.

I'd love to know which Japanese stitch book, too - 'cause I'm loving the cables on that blue square!!!

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