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Yes Virginia, There is a Use for Fun Fur. . .

. . . and Maryse has shown us what it is.  I couldn't resist.


The pink one looks a little like that thing DH and I found growing in the bathroom sink of our first apartment on E. 14th street.


Now the Korknisse have a place to play.


Wishing a very merry Christmas to all who celebrate.


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brilliant way to use fun fur!! the trees are adorable, and i'm so happy the korknisse have somwhere to play now!

Nice job on Maryse's trees. Merry Christmas!

Hoping you have a very Happy Christmas and a joyous New Year.

No pressure, but I'm looking forward to your pattern in memory of your Dad. It looks real good. :-)

This will be our first Christmas without my Mum and Dad, it will feel strange I suspect! Imagine you may feel a bit strange without your Dad too.

Will think of you when we drink our Christmas champagne toast with the turkey.

Very best wishes from Liverpool

Merry Christmas!

Those are awesome. I will definitely be making some for next year!! Too late for this year. Oh well :o) Happy Holidays!

Very cute! Merry Christmas!

Very cute! Happy holidays!

The cutest! Merry Christmas!

OMG - these are so sweet - I giggled when I saw the little people around the trees - very Suess-y to me...dah hoo do ray...

Merry Christmas!

Cute. Happy Christmas!

Wow, what a great idea! I got some of that stuff somewhere...love it. Merry Christmas!

Those are so cute!

I was sad when I saw them on maryse's blog, and am even sadder now that I don't actually own any fun fur - wow! I never thought I'd ever write that sentence.

Happy holidays to you.

Those are gorgeous! A perfect Korknisse playland. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!!

oh my gosh - that is adorable!! nice to know there is a use for fun fur out there!

Hi, Kirsten. I've enjoyed perusing your blog, and thanks for the free patterns! I am in the midst of knitting the Tahoe sweater and am having trouble reconciling the "worked at the same time" part of the directions for the front pieces. I don't know where to get help, so I came to the source! If you could contact me a lori@lzcommunications.com with some help or suggestions for where to get help, I'd be forever grateful!

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