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They Inherited the Crafty Gene

My girls are crafters and artists.  There is no longer any doubt.  For the past week they have been working madly creating gifts for their friends.


They started with three little softies.


A tree for one friend.  Finally that huge box of buttons I have has come to good use.


A candy cane for another.  We decided that the wonky stitches were part of its charm.


And a softie gift box for a third.  This photo doesn't really show it very well, but I love the little face!


They even created their own gift tags.  DD#1 did the drawing, DD#2 added the color.


My girls complained that the softies weren't enough.  They needed more ideas.  I couldn't resist.  I went to the closet and pulled out a Christmas gift I had planned on giving to DD#2, Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts.  They found just the thing in its pages.  The next day I was off in search of Moleskines, and that night they made these sweet little journals.  Now I want one.  If I'm a good little girl, maybe they'll stuff one in my stocking.


They didn't forget their momma.  They made these cute little stars from some old sweaters that we felted.  They hung five of them in a row between the kitchen and living room.



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Clearly the family genes run true in my nieces :) Those are all wonderful!

Look at them go with the crafting! I see lots of wonderful gifts in your future, Kirsten.

What a talented family!!! The drawings on the gift cards are amazing!

Clearly talented girls! I would love any one of those gifts but the prize are the gorgeous & fantastic gift cards. How neat are those?

Ha! This morning I posted a similar blog entry about the crafty daughter in my house! She's working on more wallets right now, including one that includes that lime/pink polka dotty fabric that's on the larger beribboned journal above. And last night she was admiring a hardanger xmas ornament on our tree and asked me to show her how to do that soon. Ahhhh...


That manga gift tag is amazing!!

wow! what handiwork!! i love that you've passed on a love of handmade to your children. i hope that my young ones end up the same way.

the face on that gift is TOO cute, and i think i love the stars best of all.

i think you can safely tell your girls that they've got some fans. maybe they could "guest host" your blog sometime in the future!

Wow, your girls did an amazing job! They are so talented. I am hoping my baby will grow up to wanting to make things. I am afraid she might not want to since she will see her momma being crafty all the time.

Proof that genetics makes 100% most days! I love the journals (since they didn't really WOW me in the book), but the tree and the candy can - there might be money in those ideas next Christmas. Nice job, ladies!

I'm impressed by the drawing.

the softies are very cute your girls have a real talent.

and those journals/notebooks !!! wow !!

I just made a hat in crochet thanks to your pattern.
thanks again.

Ooo, what fun to get to share crafty goodness with daughters!

Wow they are some talented girlies! Love all them all, especially the tree, so cute!

My daughter is going to be so jealous of how well your girls can draw Manga!! The gift tags are gorgeous! I love all the things they made actually. Yes indeed....very crafty. Just like their mom. Yup! It's awesome!!!!!

wow, such great stuff. so talented your girls.

How nice to see the crafty genes find their way - nice job girls!

Wow, your girls are really talented! It makes me want to do more crafty things.

They are so talented!! I especially love the lil notebooks ;) I think I need that book!

Excellent work girls!! I particularly love the tags. Those are talented girls for sure!

So talented! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

You should be very proud of them! While there are making you a notebook could they make one for me too....please?

WOW! Such talented girls. I especially love the gift tags--what a special touch :)

Wow all their gifts look fabulous!

No doubt about it! Very crafty girls. :o)

They are CRAZY talented! Duh! They are your kids!

Clearly your girls inherited your talent! These are the cutest gifts!

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