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One Day Beret

This is a quickie that I cranked out at the last minute for DD#2.  I wasn't sure if she'd like it or not, but she's wearing it today.  I figure that's a good sign.


The yarn is Farmhouse Yarns, Andy's Merino that I bought at Purl last week.  This yarn is really, really soft and the colors are spectacular.  I couldn't buy just one.  Three colors came home with me, and I am dreaming about going back to get more.


I used two colors for this beret, "Pot Luck!" and "Brick", alternating them for each round.  I've got at least half a skein of each left so I'm planning to make matching mittens.


Rather than spend precious knitting time searching for a pattern, I made this up as I went along.  Working hats from the top down makes this very do-able.



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It looks great on her - the colors are fabulous!

everytime I come on your blog I'm impressed by your talent - the pattern is simple but mixing the 2 colors was a fantastic idea.

I like the look of your daughter on the last picture - she's cute ;o)

Fabulous! She should be a model.

It looks great!!! I never even thought about a beret for my niece. I will have to let her check one out and see.

And if she is wearing it, she must like it to some degree.

Ooh, beautiful colors! It looks great. Glad to see it's in action already!

Ooh, beautiful colors! It looks great. Glad to see it's in action already!

I love the beret! May I ask what size needles you used? The colors are perfect.

beautiful!! i hope you and your family have a lovely holiday :-)

VERY pretty!!! I hope you all had a fun holiday!

The colors are fabulous. It looks great. I really admire that you just make up patterns as you go. Totally impressed! And as usual..your daughter looks stunning :)

I wish I could make up a pattern as I went along! You're amazing! I love the two colors mixed. Fun. I, too, would like to know the size needles you used. I will have to see if I can find some of the yarn. Your daughter looks lovely!

Tell DD that I love her style - very cool!

Thanks for showing your door color again...

Gorgeous colours - it's a very cool hat! If she's wearing it then you have knitted a winner.

Definitely a good sign that she's wearing it. Love the colours in that yarn.

Once again you manage to whip up a super-impressive garment at the last minute. I love the color combo and the style is ooh-là-là!

Tre chic!

Love your blog, and love the pictures and your knitting is fabulous! It's inspired me to get busy knitting some winter hats, socks, vests, oh boy....my wip's are going to go through the roof. lol. Wishing you a Happy New Year, and looking forward to seeing your posts in 2008!

I agree the two color thing was genius! It gives something simple but chic and edge. She wears it very well.

What cool last minute gifts you've knitted! Happy holidays to you!

hat looks great! and those photos belong in a book or magazine. they came out amazing. the colors, model, hair, poses, everything. spot on.

I love that beret! Top down, you say? Hmmm....

The two skeins look amazing together - they look like one variegated colorway. Pretty!

the colors ARE great. And the hat is very cool. It's too young for me -- which is probably why your daughter likes it. You are so clever. Your girls are very lucky.

I seriously LOVE this hat. The colors, magnificent. Your daughter, is just too dang on cute. And, yes, your Thorpe made me realize how much easier it is to go with the flow with hats! I started one using your cast on 4 method today for my son. I'm using fingering weight doubled, and I didn't even bother to swatch. Again! It's going well! Foolproof! Thanks for making me realize that. Not to mention I swear the fit is better!

Man I never thought that I would be one to fall in love with a beret but dang I have to have one!!! The color combo is wonderful, Great job!

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