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I Knit Through the Messiah


I've started a bit of holiday knitting.  The only problem is that as fast as I can make these hats my kids claim them as their own, leaving me to make another, and another and another. . .
The lowest hat above was made during my son's Messiah concert the other night. 


Chunky wool makes them fly off the needles.


DD#1, asked for a color work hat.  Now my darling son wants one too.


I'm calling this hat Thorpe.  My husband said that the one below looks like Jim Thorpe's helmet.



Pattern:  My own - I'll write it up and post it soon.
Yarn:  Any chunky weight, I used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky, Nature Wool Chunky & Malibrigo Chunky
Needles:  US 9

The half double crochet edge really finishes it off neatly.  It's fun to dig through the stash for contrasting yarns.

PS What is the secret to photographing pinks and reds??????  I NEVER manage to do it successfully!


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What a great pattern! The earflaps are perfect, and I love the braids.

I hear you're having another snowstorm up there. I probably shouldn't mention that it was 80 here yesterday.

The hats are awesome! My secret for "okay" reds is no flash and Photoshop. :-)

Reds are very very difficult. God help me when a client puts their kid in a red shirt. I'm screwed! ;-)

Check the white balance on your camera - try some different combinations and such to see what gives you the best hue. Then UNDERexpose so you can brighten it up in your editing software. Otherwise you run the risk of oversaturation.

Your reds look mightly fine though. That hats are great!

those are great - anxiously awaiting the pattern as I need a new winter hat and I have several odd balls of chunky weight laying around!

I'm seconding Stacey's comment re pattern and I've also plenty of chunky weight waiting for inspiration -- this might be it!

I hate to ask this..cause I'm going to sound like such a doof...but, is "messiah concert" church related or the name of his band?? :D

Those are really neat hats. I like the color work one. It looks so intricate (but being a knitter and knowing the virtue of knitting with chunky yarn I know it's not an overly hard knit. ;D). These are great, are they knit on straights? Not many people do that, which is sad, since I made a lot of hats that way. They were fun and seemed to just fly off the needles!

Oh wow, you can totally tell your daughters are twins though, but have completely different personalities. DD#1 seems like she's such a John Lennon fan. :D

Fabulous hats! Really nice.
What a pretty combination of stitches.

AWESOME HATS! I love the design and the colors. Excellent!

Ha! Here, it was knitting on a sock while belting tunes out at a Christmas carol singalong.

Fun hats and good times -- enjoy!

Those hats are so awesome! I can't wait for your pattern!

Great design! I love the crochet edging and the braids... now I must learn how to crochet :)

I heart your hat making! You always put together the best array of hats in the winter time, K! Ah, red. LS looks so good in red and I hate to take pictures of him wearing red because I spend so much time editing with PS (and still don't always get the best results...).

The hats are pretty. I will look forward to this pattern. My nephew is into hats and this fits the teen hat craze.

These are great hats- I would claim them too! I second what Cara said about the reds- lots of post processing. It's also always harder for me when there are more shades of red/pink in one photo.

I love the hats with ear flaps. A great idea. I could use one since I don't wear ear muffs. I happen to have some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky in Red in my stash. I can't wait for the pattern.

My trouble is photographing purple and lavender. You did a good job photographing the red hat. The contrasting trim is perfect!

Those hats look great! I love the colorwork one in particular--beautiful colors!

Love the hats! Especially that last one!

Love the hats, I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for the pattern;)

Reds are hard, aren't they? They look terrible on my desktop but somehow even out on flickr...and thanks for giving me permission to knit during my daughter's choir concert tomorrow night!!

Great looking hats! Reds are tough. They sort of glow and the definition gets lost somehow.

ok. you have just designed the hat i was looking for! libby wants one just like this........and the long braids? LOVE!

You're just the best! I love the hat. Thanks for the free pattern; you could easily sell it. It is the perfect gift!

I love the hats. I'll have to make them for the grandkids for Christmas next year. They would love 'em. But I'll have to make at least 10.

I better start in January!

Hats that fly off the needles, what more could a knitter want at this time of year - thanks for posting the pattern and happy holidays to you.

I L O V E your hat pattern; thank you for the download. This is my first visit; and i am a new "knitting blogger". Also love the scarf. Just finished the Knitty.com "Lizard Afghan (s i g h --long project) and ready for the hat respite.

I have just finished the Thorpe. I love this hat. I will be leaving for Maine in the morning and Thorpe is coming on the trip.

Thank You so much for the pattern.

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