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Have You Seen. . .

Kim's Belvedere?  She is knitting it in yarn that she dyed just for my pattern!   Her colors are gorgeous, I am elated, flattered, awed!  Kim will be offering the pattern as a kit with the yarn.  There is another colorway of equal beauty that will also be available as a kit.

Progress is being made on Sigrid, but I don't have any photos to show you today.  Instead I offer Dr. G's Memory Vest blocking.  I completed the knitting before Thanksgiving.  He is simply waiting for a bit of finishing.  It doesn't look like I'll have a chance to do that until after the new year.  So the pattern probably won't be available until mid to late January.  Sorry its taken so long.  My plans are still to contribute all of the sales from this pattern to Alzheimer's and Dementia research. 


I leave you with my number one blog model all dressed up for last night's dance.  Her sister, "the reader", opted out of the dance.  It's just not her thing.  I love the fact that these twins of mine are so different, despite their identical DNA.  The best part is that they adore each other and cherish their differences - as well as their similarities.    I wish I had gotten a shot of the two of them.  One all "dolled"  up, the other sporting cords, a sweatshirt and over-sized hat. 


Flash photography and a cluttered mantle do not make for the best photos, but you get the idea.   I can't believe how grown up she looks.  I was fun to see her with her friends, all of them easily falling back into their childish, goofy antics despite their formal dress!


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I've already checked-out Kim's kit! The colors are pretty. The sock is great! Your daughter is very lovely. The dress is awesome. Enjoy. It goes so quickly.

Beautiful! The vest, but especially the daughter! ;-)

The vest is looking really wonderful and the daughter looks terrific. So grown up - don't you wonder how they get there so fast?

The vest is gorgeous. And so is the daughter :) Nice work on both parts

Where did she get the dress? I want one!

I also want a sock kit and a vest pattern. they look wonderful too!

Your daughters are adorable. She looks so grown-up.

Your daughter looks beautiful in her dress....so grown up! The years go by fast, don't they?

The vest is stunning! I am a true vest person, so I can't wait!

She's is beautiful! As is the makins of the memory vest. You have really outdone yourself with that design, K. It looks fabulous.

What a beautiful girl she is. Yeah, I have to admit I was like your other DD. I wore the blue jeans and cords and did nothing but read. (My nickname was Daria :D)

The vest is gorgeous! I love the color of it. I'm sure my stepfather and grandfather would love that. My husband isn't much of a sweater vest kind of person...but I'm sure I can change that. He is living with a knitter of course :D.

Belvedere is such a beautiful pattern and in Kim's yarn it is perfect - congratulations on a wonderful design!
Your daughter looks so pretty...I still laugh when my now grown up tomboy is all dolled up!

Hooray for the Belvedere! Just love that pattern...

She's beautiful! My daughters (though not twins) are also quite different...it's SO much fun!!!

I cannot wait to see that vest pattern all done up (and I always like me a good blocking photo - makes me remember what to do). Your girls are beautiful! Amazing how they grow up.

That is NOT your daughter? She's been replaced by some 30year old model!!!

I LOVE your daughter's dress!

Funny isn't it how different sister can be !
She sure looks pretty !

So lovely!

the vest is amazing looking - all those yummy cables!

She looks so beautiful! What an amazing vest too.

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