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Snow Day!!!!!!

It's hard to believe that we've had six-plus inches and it isn't even Thanksgiving yet - weird, weird weather this year.


That crochet class I took worked.  I now know how to wield the hook.  It's fun and fast.


Last night DD#1 dropped a pile of yarn in my lap and said, "Please crochet me a hat."  Since I was a little burned out from the design work I had been doing all day, I jumped at the request.  The hat was done in an hour.  I think the hook I used was a little big, but I'm still learning, and DD#1 is thrilled.


Lest you think I've forgotten about my needles, a baby Zeebee for your viewing pleasure.  I used STR Mediumweight in Blue Moonstone.  This is to go with the BSJ I made a few weeks ago.  Do you think a baby's head is about the size of a grapefruit?


Scout sent these beauties for me to play with.  Aren't they gorgeous!?!  I spent most of yesterday, drawing, swatching and working out the design.  Her yarn is so inspiring.  The blue reminds me of the delft tiles surrounding the fireplace in the house where I grew up.  That room was beautiful.  My mom's favorite in the  house she dreamed up and made our home.   Scout named the blue "Loops" which makes me giddy!


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Wow, you got a lot of snow! Love the snowy pics with the handknits and crochet. Everyone keeps telling me that baby's head are big. But I am sure the hat will fit a newborn.

Beautiful hats and snowy pictures! It makes me miss the East coast...I'm in central California and it won't be snowing here!

I am soooo fraking jealous of your snow!It is going to be 80 degrees here today!Not fair at all.
Love the crocheted hats.They are so retro chic!

oh wow snow? i'm kind of jealous!!!

wow, i haven't even seen a flake yet.

cute crochet hats. i should make a couple.

Wow, so much snow! It snowed here this morning, but nothing stuck.

The crochet hats look great, and I can't wait to see what you do with the Scout's yarn. It's so cool a colorway is named after you!

I can't wait to have snow...

i really like the first hat in green - makes me want to grab my hook and some yarn.

the yarn from Scout is lovely can't wait to see what you're gonna do with it.

holy snow! you weren't kidding! that's some snow, did the girls get the day off??

Love the hats... I do love crochet. :-)

Most excellent crocheted hats! I never think of crochet for garments, only afghans. Thank you for the push.

Well, that seals the deal. I may just have to learn to crochet. What great hats and done in an hour! I had hear crochet was fast, but that is lightening fast.

lots of snow! lots of crochet! you're inspiring. i also envy your loops yarn. i see an order at scout's in my future.

You did that hat in an hour? You are a wonder!

Enjoy the snow, it's so lovely when it first falls, isn't it?

And I love your 'Swedish peasant' comment to me, except in my case it's 'Yorkshire farmers'!

I absolutely love the first hat....it looks so cute on your daughter!!

Wow - snow! It was almost 60 degrees in WI today - egads! It was rainy and depressing though...so it's a wash. Your hats are darling! And yarn to play with? Hmm, designing for Scout??:) I just started my Belvedere - love the pattern so far - gorgeous! Thank you again!

Crap, snow! I'm not ready. I was hoping that it'd never snow this winter & I wouldn't have to fashion a make-shift maternity coat. Yep, foolish, I know.

I can't wait to see what you do with them! I posted that picture I sent you on Flickr. :)

Wow, the weather definitely has been strange. Down here in Texas it hasn't been too cold. We've had days where it's 80 degrees and it's November, so strange.

I think your crochet hats are fantastic. Hmmm you keep showing us these goodies, I may really get into some crochet. :)

So unfair! I want snow. Instead, it was in the upper 70s today...they do promise colder weather later in the week..but not snow. Send me some please! Well, right after you crochet more caps and design wonderful things with Scout's yarn! Love that blue!

Gorgeous Hat!

Cute hat! Snow day? Get out!! A teacher's dream come true! What pattern did you use for the first hat? I would love to make it!

the pictures are wonderful!

I used to earn quite a pretty penny selling the very same hat idea when I was 14 and 15.

I love your color selections and that model is always lovely!

Love the hats! Yay for snow days!

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