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Single Sock


Above is the completed Belvedere sock for my single sock swap pal.  I've written the pattern up for her.  Now I'm thinking I'll offer it here.  Is anyone available to test knit?


It is worked from the top down and I've written the pattern for DPN's since that is my pal's preferred sock knitting method.  I may also write it for two circulars since that is how I usually offer my patterns.


This one is a little short on DD#2 since she wears a size 9.5-10 shoe and my pal is only a 7.5.


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As usual, a beautiful pattern. I would love to test knit for you :)

wow I'm speechless, it's truly beautiful - and that color is superb !!

after Kellie if you want another tester...;o)

i'll test knit it!

I see you already have a few offers for test-knitters. I wouldn't mind test knitting either. I do usually knit magic loop, but it doesn't matter how the pattern is written, I just adapt it myself.

Just give me a shout if you need more testknitters!

Greets from Belgium

Beautiful sock!

Those are gorgeous!!!

if you need a test knitter, i'd love to be of assistance! what a beautiful sock!

It's lovely. Looks like you're all set with test knitters.

I've never done a test knit, but I could give it a go. I'm still pretty new to the whole lace thing, so I don't think I'd be very fast at it.

It looks beautiful!

I've never done a test knit, but I could give it a go. I'm still pretty new to the whole lace thing, so I don't think I'd be very fast at it.

It looks beautiful!

It's so pretty -- look forward to seeing it.

If all your test knitters should fall through, I'd love to help. It's a gorgeous sock and all this interest hopefully affirms your thought of making it available here ;) I've got just the yarn, I'll set it aside! Lucky sock pal you've got!! She will be so spoiled!

I would test knit for you too!

Very pretty design! I love the color.

Gorgeous as always.If you still need test knitters let me know.I can take a whack at it.And then knit it up real nice...:p

Beautifyl colour, design. Good work there!

hmmm a 7.5. too bad, i guess it's not for me. ;)

gorgeous sock. if i had time i would love to test knit for you. but i can't commit.

Love this pattern! Very intriguing. What a beautiful color, too.

Yes, if you need more test knitters, I would love to do it!

That is beautiful! Your swap pal will love it!

Beautiful! Were I not so stressed, I'd offer to test knit, but you seem to have a lot of people already willing. Your pal will love that sock.

Have a great weekend!

Beautiful! I hope you do offer it here. Your pal will both love and appreciate it!!

I would love to test knit these socks for you! I've done some test knitting in the past, you can see the aurelia socks i test knitted on my ravelry page!

I would love to test knit it for you. Especially since I am not the most experienced on the block..........BUT I did knit your Ampersand socks, not as a test knitter, & pointed out a couple of mistakes you made in the pattern. Remember me?? I was excited, because I am learning & wasn't sure if I had found a mistake or not!! I'd rather you do the instructions for 2 circs, but I can probably figure it out. I'm not that much of a novice!!

Great you are doing all these sock patterns. I did tell you that you could do a book!!!

Looks like you have a lot of volunteers for test knitters, but I would love to give it a try too if you want lots of people to be testers!

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