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Sigrid Larson was my great-grandmother, we all called her "Mormor" although she was technically my Farmormor.  She came to the US from Sweden in the 1890's as a teenager.


When I was a child she would sit for hours and watch my sister and me play.  Sometimes she would join us in a board game. My memories are of her beautiful, soft, transparent skin with very fine wrinkles, her delicious cookies and her kindness.  Mormor always had butterscotch candies to offer.   


I look a lot like her, and her daughter and her grandson (my father).  The family genes are strong.
This new sock, made with Scout's Merino Sock yarn, will be named for her.  It honors my Scandinavian roots, and those who were brave enough to get on a boat to start a new life, in a new country far from home.



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Wow! That is just gorgeous! The colors work so well together too. yummy!

not on a boat but a plane, we left our country 6 years ago...maybe one day I'll have great great grandkids...hopefully some knitters too ;o)

your sock is lovely.

that is beautiful!!!!! I love the color combination you chose and the story behind it is wonderful!

My grandmother came here from Sweden, too. Her name wasn't as exciting, though: Elizabeth Anderson.

What a beautiful way to remember your grandmother.


What a lovely sock. I appreciate you sharing your story. I have a similar one. My great grandfather left Norway at fourteen years old to pursue a new life here. I have always planned on naming my son after him, but so far I only have daughters!

Gosh, that is amazing color work! Just gorgeous. Such rich beautiful colors too.

Thank you for sharing your precious memories of your great-grandmother. Sounds like she was one amazing lady.

The new socks are beautiful, what a wonderful tribute to your great-grandmother.

How wonderful to have been able to meet Sigrid in your own lifetime, Kirsten.

What lovely memories, and what beautiful (and beautifully made!) socks. Looking forward to seeing the end result.

What a beautiful inspiration, and a beautiful sock!

Wow, that is gorgeous, the pattern and the yarn together. And look how neat your stitches are in the back. Impressive.

What a great story to go along with your new socks - I think knowing personal history is such a gift - what a great gift your Mormor "created" for you.

Beautiful yarn! It looks to me just like a winter sky on a sunny day. What is the name of the colorway? Thanks!


As a native Minnesotan who desperately wanted to be Swedish my whole life, I naturally love 'Sigrid'!!

That is such a wonderful tribute to your Mormor !

What a wonderful tribute! Those colors are driving me crazy - in a good way :) Beautiful.

Beautiful sock!

Gorgeous sock! One of my grandmothers came here from Korea. Her name is Sun (it's pronounce Soon). I think I like "Sigrid" a bit better...

What a WONDERFUL story! And, what a beautiful sock........

It's utterly lovely, as are the memories you've shared. Thanks!

Aww..you're story reminds me a lot of my family too. We're all Scandinavians and are very tied to family heritage. Those socks are beautiful! I'm looking forward to the finished product. :D

Absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful memory you have of your grandmother. I hope that I can bring those kinds of memories to my grandchildren as well.

It's beautiful and what a nice tribute to your Mormor!

stunning color choice and lovely knitting. sweet memory of your grandma.

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