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And He Showed So Much Potential When He Was Four

Every knitter, when they are planning a little getaway, spends a great deal of time deciding which project(s) will go along.  Admit it, there are many of you who put more thought into which knitting project you'll pack, than clothes or toiletries.  Nova has been good enough to eliminate all of that consternation for me.  A package arrived from her yesterday, packed with goodies.  The SuiBui yarn will be coming along on a little golf-r&r-romantic getaway trip that DH and I are taking this weekend.


Note the fabulous fishy pouch, with its jazzy orange lining and button.  Nova mad it.  I love it.
There is also delicious blueberry jam.  There were chocolates, but um, they didn't last long enough for the photo shoot.   Nova also included a little archival box.  It is screaming for me to make many, many tiny drawings to store in it.  I can't let all of that acid-free goodness go to waste now can I?  I won all of this in a blog contest she had a few weeks back.  Lucky me!!

Thank you Nova!  Both balls of the ShiBui are now wound and packed.

As for my trip.  This will not be joining us:


Let me tell you, at 3, 4 and 5, the kid showed such potential.  Now he is a Guitar Hero prodigy.
And yes, that is my silk-merino Shetland Triangle that he has his foot on.  Bad boy. 

At least I have Nova's goodies and my new skills to distract me from sixteen year old apathy.


I took a crochet class at The Point this week.  We learned all of the basic stitches, then I came home and took out my Stitch and Bitch Crochet book and worked out how to make some flowers.  Why crochet you ask?  Well have you seen this.  Don't click the link if you don't want to become obsessed with crochet too!


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hehehe..at least yours isn't climbing the bookshelf or dancing on the table.

The scarf is beautiful! You're making me want to learn to crochet! I've seen so many cute things that are done in crochet.

Well, my stepson is 25 and he's still in that position. Except not on MY couch anymore. :-)

Oh! That makes me want to improve my crochet skills, too.

Have fun on your getaway! As for me, I'm married to a guitar hero prodigy. Fortunately, he keeps this little obsession under control. Much like me and my knitting. ;)

Oooo, I've never wanted to learn crochet before but that... I should have heeded your warning!

Your 16 year looks much like my own, except I see no cereal bowl in that picture :)

Have a wonderful getaway!

Hmmm, where have I seen that pose before ?
I shouldn't have clicked the links, now I want to crochet too !

That picture and caption made me laugh out loud! Hilarious!

And WHAT IS THAT crocheted thing that you sent us to?! It's so beautiful!! Want to make!

Ah yes...Guitar hero. My daughter has spent many a day honing her skills. I swear if I hear "The Beast and the Harlot" one more time I will lose my last grip on reality.

Oh man...you did give fair warning about that link to crochet. It is so pretty!! I kinda know how to crochet now..but dang. That looks waaaaay better than the pathetic arigurumi birds I made. I wish you well on your crocheting. I still get baffled by it LOL. yet...I have no problems knitting. What's up with that??

(comments won't let me post my blog addy on here!!! WHAA!!! Anyway...you know me :) snuffywump.blogspot.com.....it's not invalid! It's not it's not it's not!!!)

Great picture of the Jukebox Hero - nice! The Shi Bui is gorgeous - can't wait to see what you knit up with it! Fun crochet flowers!

Oohhh..great stuff! I'm totally hopeless at crochet but I kick ass at Dance Dance Revolution and Karaoke Revolution. Maybe I should try a bit of Guitar Hero?

Have fun on your weekend.It is so nice to get away without the kids.Beautiful crochet flowers.I would be tempted but I figured out long ago I am missing the "crochet gene".I can't crochet to save my life.I will crochet vicariously through you.LOL!

oh, is that what i have to look forward to?
have a wonderful time on your trip.........you are packing some fabulous things!(i love nora's bag) yep, i am pretty sure that with knitting and golf clubs you are pretty much set!!!

OMG I played that guitar game at a Halloween party and it was so much fun!

Teenage apathy, is this what I have to look forward to? Maybe LS won't want to play guitar... He will still be a teenager though...

Well, if I can not meet you this weekend, at least a little of me will be going on your trip with you! I am glad you liked the wee package, it was fun putting together for you. Now, I am off to find a book on crochet...

and he is proof positive that if you are not careful there could be booties in your future!

Nova rules.
Also, Moonstitches says her scarf is just the 'catherine wheel' stitch? Will have to look that up, as it's totally gorgeous.
And finally: is it sad that I'm nearly 30, and you can sometimes find me playing Guitar Hero in the exact same position as your son?

Enjoy your weekend away!!

What a fantastic package! And yes! Guitar hero can be addictive. hehehe. You make me want to learn to crochet. :)

I'm already planning what to take away for my trip for Christmas!! And it's not the clothes! I got a similar package from Nova today. Love the bag. And the shibui? mmm mmm good. Hope you have/had fun with the weekend getaway.

Hi! I just wanted to tell you I love reading your blog! Your girls always look so excited to be modeling for you LOL

My DH is so into Guitar Hero! Yes, Moonstitches scarf had me drooling when I first saw it.

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