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A Sock of My Own


Unaware of who she was making it for, I drooled over Pam's mosaic sock on her blog and Flickr page.  You can imagine the jubilation when the selfsame sock arrived in my mailbox, along with enough yarn, and instructions to make the second.  Lucky, lucky, lucky me!!  She couldn't have pleased my color loving eye any more. 


Just look at that fabulous contrast of red and turquoise!  Magnificent.  Now look at the perfect little stripes on the foot, and how they balance so beautifully the mosaic pattern on the top.  Love.

Pam based this sock on the mosaic pattern from Kate at Zeitgeist Yarns' Ode to Eames socks (see her sidebar). 


How about the fit?  This sock is not made for my daughters with their fragile little "blue-blood" ankles and narrow feet, no it is knit to the specifications of my sturdy peasant gams and toes.  Wheeee!!!


Not only did I get the sock, enough yarn to make the mate and precisely written instructions, but Pam also included a project bag large enough for a good bit of knitting, in a beautiful print.



charming gift tags (poorly photographed here by me) from  string | THEORY.
I cannot begin to express how thrilled I am with this package.
Now to find the time to knit that mate.


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Ooo...I like those colors! They go with those shoes quite nicely. :D It's so bright and cheerful too. I hope you do get some time soon to make the second. It's always nice to knit something for yourself. I usually end up spending all my knitting time making things for other people.

great sock! hooray! :)

I have been drooling over those as well!! Lucky you!!!

Ok, red and turquoise are the new chocqua!! And you crack me up talking about your peasant gams--my daughters are like your two, so dainty, meanwhile my feet are clodhoppers!!

Those are fabulous! Enjoy the spoils and knitting the mate!

That is one awesome sock! Now let's make it two!

Oh, my gosh, that is totally awesome! I LOVE the colors and the design. Lucky you!

That is THE coolest sock! Love it with the shoes, too!

i am drooling now !
thios sock is amazing - love the pattern especially the stripes on the sole.

hope you'll enjoy knitting the second sock.

This is a perfect sock for you! Lucky you! I've been jealously watching this sock :)

That is a GREAT sock.

Oh, yay!! I'm so glad it arrived safely, and I'm SO, SO glad that it fits!

And sorry I didn't include more extra goodies -- I was so relieved to be finished with the thing (only 5 days late) that I kind of spaced on the usual candy/sweets/tea/yarn love. Consider yourself owed. :)

Heehee......I love your description....sturdy peasant gams and toes!

That description works for me too! LOL!

The socks are absolutely gorgeous and the little bit of the bag that I can see looks pretty special too!

What a fun sock - I love that split heel with solid/stripe - love it!!

Those are awesome socks. What a cool package!

I am especially gald you like the sock, as the pattern is mine (and can it be called kismet that I cannot WAIT to knit the sock you designed?) I do think Pam changed it up a bit, as the toe is different tham my usual m.o....

Very cool sock ! Have fun knitting the other one !

That is one amazing sock!

I'm speechless, that's truly a magnificent sock. This sock exchange totally eluded me. Where did it start? Where did it come from? You are very lucky! (in my case it would take forever to make the second sock) :o)

What a great sock! Lucky you :)

I was wondering who was going to get this piece of fabulousness a ala Pam. Red and pool-y blue are one of my favorite color combinations. Lucky you!

you are one lucky duck! that is a gorgeous sock ;)

that socks is soo cute! where can i sign up for these sock swaps ;-)

So the sock was for YOU eh? You lucky dog you. It's fantastic!!

It was great to bump into you yesterday - it's always funny to do the whole meeting in real life after communicating for so long in blogland isn't it? But fun too :)

Oh, that is so neat!

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