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"B" is For

Boo! (and Bjork and booties and basses and Baby Surprise Jackets)


This is the first time, in sixteen years of motherhood, that I haven't made Halloween costumes for my kids.  I wish I'd known last year that Bjork was to be my swan song.  (Sorry, how could I pass up that line?)  Today marks the end of an era for me.  It used to be that October was the busiest month of the year.  Oh, sure I would grumble about the amount of work that those three elaborately sewn costumes would take.   But there is nothing quite like the feeling of satisfaction when they would put them on and my children were transformed into an elephant, white tiger, cow, Dorothy, the Tin Man, a unicorn, a dragon, a "pretty witch", a fairy,  an alchemist, an Elizabethan lady of the court or a lovely pair of kimono clad Japanese girls.  To mention a few.


I guess this leaves me time to knit for future trick or treaters.  The Baby Surprise Jacket is done, along with a matching pair of Saartje's Booties.  If there is time I may make a mini Zeebee.


Sorry for the picture heavy post.  I had a little too much fun taking photographs of these diminutive items.  I love how tiny the booties are on the bass.


To think that my sweet son was once small enough to fit into these little shoes.  Now he manages the giant bass with confidence and ease.   It is all a bit much for a nostalgic mother reminiscing of Halloweens past.




I'm really pleased with the way the shell buttons pick up the colors of the yarn.


The stretchy garter stitch of the BSJ will accommodate a chubby baby belly quite nicely.


Baby Surprise Jacket

Pattern:  BSJ by the Talented Mrs.  Zimmermann of course.
Yarn:  Zitron Life  Style, Color 1864, 2 balls (I've got the third ball left over, does anyone want to swap something for it?)
Needles:  Addi Lace US size 4 (3.5 mm)

Saartje's Booties

Pattern:  Saartje's Booties available for free here.
Yarn:  Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks That Rock Medium Weight, Color: Blue Moonstone
Needles:  Addi Lace, 2.5mm



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So tiny! So cute!

What an adorable little sweater and booties!

I know just what you mean. I think I actually miss trick or treating with Hannah. And the costumes! She's been a Pilgrim, a clown, a fairy princess, and a witch, just to name a few. But the best one ever was the year it was raining and she went as a fisherman. She wore her yellow rain slicker and her rain boots, she carried a fishing pole with a cardboard fish (made by her brother) on the end and she used a bait bucket for her trick or treat pail. We threw it together in about 5 minutes and it generated the most compliments of any costume I ever made her!

What beautiful knits! Somehow, I don't think that you're quite done with costume making yet! They'll be back for more, I'm sure of it!

No need to apologize for picture heavy posts, especially when they are heavy with such beautiful photos.
Such cute little knits
And your kids will probably get back into the dress up and end up calling you from college asking for costumes

Happy Halloween! I love those pics of the tiny knits posed on the bass.

Wonderful projects and post! I played the violin when I was young, so my first assumption was "what a tiny BSJ!?!" So glad it is really a bass.

Happy Halloween!

The BSJ is fabulous - what great colours. And the booties? too cute. Happy Halloween to you.

Oh I just love how that Lifestyle came out with the EZ pattern, fabulous!
Happy Halloween...I'm feelin' ya! Tween Thing is now 'too old' for trick or treating:(

thanks for the comment kirsten!! i am going to bead bracelets and knit tonight after trick or treating with the smoocher all night!! your surprise jacket is the only one I've see that makes me want to knit it!! i love the way it came out, i love life style too, so much fun. see you soo, did you start your blue worsted?

I love the BSJ and the booties...oh the booties. They make my uterus hurt. :) Thankfully I have my tubes tied or I'd be in trouble!!

EEK! I have the same book of spells :) Hope you all are having a great Halloween!

I am catching up on things, so I will put everything in one comment. Your beautiful Noro scarf is indeed sigh-worthy, I love it. The "on the fly" hat, is amazing (on the fly, really?!). But this post, it makes me laugh. I am not so much into Halloween, but this year started my first foray into Halloween with a little. I have to admit, it is kind of fun...I am not sure if I will feel that way in 10 years though (most likely not).

I didn't grow up with the Halloween tradition because we don't celebrate that over here in the Netherlands, but it always sounds like fun to me. But I can relate to the feeling of things you did with your children for the last time, it makes you nostalgic, longing for times gone by.
The cardigan and booties are so cute !

Those booties are soo adorable! I want someone to have a little girl or even just to find out the sex of their child so I can knit non-unisex stuff!

Gorgeous mini-knits! The Zitron is fabbo - haven't come across that yarn yet.

I use these shell buttons with many of my knits too, because they seem to reflect and suit so many different colours.

Great Halloween reminiscences! Halloween just doesn't seem to be celebrated to the same extent here in the UK, which is a pity...

yes i agree with being there in the process of designing the bsj. it says something about it in the opinionated knitter. and your diminutive items are very cute indeedy,

Wow, I've been lurking the Zimmermania blog for a while and yours is the most amazing BSJ. Love your yarn choice. I'll have to check out the rest of your blog now, he he. I've made one BSJ and I'm about 50% done with my Adult Surprise Jacket. Phew, it's a lot of garter stitch, lol, but I'm getting there.

Oh my gosh that is adorable. Funny ... I had looked up the baby surprise jacket just recently and wondered what yarn I wanted to use. Well I have Moonstone by STR and it looks so adorable in that colorway. I love it! I guess I've got myself another MUST knit.

LOVE the baby jacket....what a wonderful colour choice. It's so versatile it could easily be for a boy or girl. My halloween costume making days have ended as well. Star Wars and witches were big in our house.

Lovely sweater...the colors are wonderful!

Gorgeous BSJ and Booties!

the BSJ is great in this yarn!!!

SO Cute! This was the first year we did not go out trick or treating with the kids....my husband was sad and I was happy. Happier to be greeting the kids instead of walking from door to door...LOL

GORGEOUS! And we have the exact same monkey!

That sweater is gorgeous! Love it and the booties are lovely. What a treat for a special someone.

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