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The above photo beautifully illustrates why I always have my daughters model.  Ugh!  The hair so overdue for a cut and color, the day-glow zit on the chin, and my posture which makes me look pregnant, not a bit of this is good.  (The lump in the front is the belt and not my stomach!) Hopefully I can distract you from the uglies with my new Turbulent Indigo.  Doesn't it look nice with my coat?


It is much better posed with the leaves.


Or a closeup where you can't see my nastiness.


Turbulent Marble

Pattern:  Turbulent Indigo (see my sidebar for the pattern)
Yarn:  Noro Silk Garden, Color #269, 3 skeins
Needles:  US 9 (5.5mm)  Knitpicks Options with a 60" cable
Notes:  I added 4 extra repeats of the stitch pattern, that fact along with the heavier gauge of the Silk Garden made this scarf much longer than the original.  I love wrapping it around and around my neck.  My new scarf will keep me really warm this winter.


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I am familiar with this focusing-on-one's-flaws approach to life but... you (and the scarf) look great. It's nice to see you and your slightly smug, slightly chagrined expression.

you're too hard on yourself because i didn't notice any flaws.

in fact there's something very "doris day" about you. i love doris day.

que sera sera

Oh the sunglass! So mysterious. And everyone loves a good zit!

I still can't believe that's Noro.

The scarf is beautiful. And so are you.

Gorgeous!I love the subtle striping down the middle.Now if it will ever actually get cold...


And the scarf is pretty, too.

Oh stop! You know damn well that we are looking at the scarf. Ditto on the sister for the disbelief that it's Noro (and I never would have noticed the zit had you not pointed it out nor that you looked "pregnant.")

I'm pretty sure that every blogger feels that (s)he looks silly in pictures. My eyes always look weird :)

The scarf is great! It goes very nicely with your coat.

The scarf looks great, and so do you!

Sun glasses hide many things. And those dang zits...I thought once we weren't teen we were suppose to NOT have them. I get them all the time. It really irks me.

The scarf is gorgeous...as is the coat and I think the smirk you are making is pretty cute as well :o)

This is just the way I always speak about myself too :-) But you and the scarf both look great ! It goes really well with the coat. Love this new Noro color !

You are so funny! C'mon, you're a rock star in our book! Love the scarf, looks fantastic.

Beautiful - both you and the scarf. [I love how you didn't try to conceal the zit - speaks volumes!]

You are much too hard on yourself, Kirsten! The coat and scarf look great on you. You clearly don't know when one needs a color job--it's when one of your co-workers points out that your roots are showing the day before your hair appointment--I've been there.

Have a great weekend!

I think you look beautiful! The scarf is too! I don't get the zit thing - why oh why do I have zits still!?! I should be worried about getting wrinkles, not zits!

The zits finally go away when you are menopausal!!!
The scarf is beautiful and so are you!

You look great, and it's so nice to see a picture of you! The scarf is beautiful!

Most of us feel that way when we see ourselves up there on the blog, but don't fret, you look beautiful! I love your scarf, but the Belvedere socks.......take my breath away. Gorgeous!

Kirsten, you silly billy! Yeah, I know, a lot of us hate to have our photos taken (me included), thinking that we should meet some sort of impossible expectations. But you look wunnerful, girl, and especially cool in your shades!

And Turbulent Indigo looks fantastic in the Noro!

Oh, this is a lovely scarf! Both pattern and yarn, real nice! :o)

The scarf looks fabulous with your coat. What a great combo.

I, like everyone else, am glad to see you posing with your lovely scarf. It's great to put a face to the knitter-blogger-genius. (Was that your hyphen? It should've been.)

I am also still loving that new coat of yours.

The scarf is gorgeous and I think you look great too. I would never have noticed the zit if you didn't mention it, and you don't look pregnant - you look bundled up. Don't be so critical of yourself, cutie!!

It looks fantastic! The new coat and scarf look wonderful together. :)

Yup, I too stand at a permanent angle after carrying 3 boy children, ain't nothing I've been able to do about it yet...

The thing about beauty, I've learned, reside more in our heads, hearts and hands and girlfriend you got it all!

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