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It finally feels like October.  After days and days in the 80's, this weather is a relief.


DD#1 has always loved rainy days.  I think it is the idea of cozy days with nothing to do but sit inside and read.  Of course DD#1 did have to go to school today, but after school she frolicked in the rain while I took photos of her new hat.  Now she's off to the couch with a cup of oolong and a good book.


I wish I could tell you what yarn I used, but I don't have a label.  I bought it at the Union Square Greenmarket a few weeks ago, on a day that was much too warm to be thinking about wool hats.  (No, it's not Morehouse Merinos.)  The yarn is merino, dyed with natural dyes; indigo and some sort of yellow to make a soft shade of green.  It was still damp from the dye pot when I bought it.  Trying to show you the green on a rainy day, under a red umbrella was a bit of a challenge.  But I like the mood  of the photos enough to sacrifice color accuracy.


My Reader's New Hat
Pattern:  none, just a basic cabled hat, 84 stitches.
Yarn:  Mystery yarn from the Greenmarket.
Needles:  US 8

How's that for vague information?



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How bad is that when we get excited over rain? We had to keep our students an extra 30 minutes today because the "eye" of whatever was brewing was right over us. Must be something with those first born girls and their caps . . . it is the only thing Veronica likes to knit. Lovely as always.

The hat is great. But the boots are awesome!

Is that Catskill Merino? I have some of the same -- and it looks like it might be the same color. A beautiful shade of sage in the sun, but it loses all luster in indoor lighting?? I love the hat! Maybe I'll make a similar one to match the scarf I just finished.

A great cozy, fall hat for your cozy reader. I've loved watching all the plant dyeing at Abundant Yarn while I've been working there. I've got to play around with a bit of it, too.

Oh yes, that rain was a blessed release, wasn't it? That is such an appealing hat, love the muted green and of course the model just makes it WORK! :)

it's been so dry here...we need rain! love those rain boots. i need to get myself a pair!

wait, they sell yarn at the union square market???? why didn't i know that???

What a beautiful hat! I love the color of it. It matches her boots wonderfully. I'm so glad it's "cool" now to wear something handmade. My daughter loves wearing the stuff I make her, (I usually make it in pink, purple and with a lot of glittery stuff...she can't resist it).

Cute hat! I love all the modeling shots you do!

I could have used a hat like that last night as the first autumn chill swept through my house! It looks great and it looks great on your daughter!

I love cozy gray Autumn days.........a good excuse for some knitting and tea!

Lovely hat ! It's cold enough here for my youngest daughter to ask me to make her a hat :-)

weather..hat and DD1....
luv Abby

Ooh, it's probably Catskill Superfine Merino. I love their yarn. I had two skeins in yellow, though I dyed them both green (a mistake, unfortunately, as I am now going through a very strong yellow phase). I think I may have to turn that second skein into a hat, too... As well as buy some more yellow yarn! ;]

I stumbled upon your journal through ravelry, by the way, and really just wanted to comment on the Catskill Merino. =]

What a gorgeous photo shoot - so wonderfully co-ordianted and the red umbrella adds so much!

Fabulous hat! and photos!
WE too LOVE the rain........!

Beautiful hat! I've been in a reading mood. A sure sign of autumn. I'd love an all-day rain, but it is still too early for that here.

Hat's lovely, she's adorable, and the photos are fantastic! Utterly charming, the whole lot.

Very, very nice hat!

Yes, the rain was a relief wasn't it? Great pictures - as always. Cute hat.

What a beautiful hat, vague pattern or not! And I love those boots!!!

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