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Keeping It Green


Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.  While I was in North Carolina, my niece told me about a great way we can each help our environment.   Change the Margins asks us to adjust the default margins on our Word documents.  Penn State University has determined that by making the change from 1.25" to .75" their institution could save "72 acres of forest and over $120,000" a year!  My kids are going to each of their schools and asking them to make the change.  We are doing it here at home.  Perhaps you will consider passing the word along too.


Evelyn Clark's "Shetland Triangle" is one of the simplest triangular shawl patterns.  In my eyes, it's also one of the best.  It shows off beautiful yarn so well, and works in a variety of weights.


I like my shawls a little bigger than the called for size, so each time I've knit it, I've added a few extra repeats.  I worked 11 repeats of the body chart for this one.  Even in the worsted weight yarn that I used my shawl only measures 26 x 62".   Although, I probably could have pulled a bit more when I blocked it.


The yarn is a merino silk that I dyed over the summer.  I posted a photo of the yarn and asked for ideas of what to knit with it.  Brenda suggested the Shetland Triangle, referencing  Jared's, Sundara Silky Merino version.  Quite a few others agreed.  For me, it didn't take much convincing.  Between the beauty of Jared's work and my already established love of the pattern I knew instantly that my readers were right. 


Shetland Triangle
Pattern:  Evelyn Clark's Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style
Yarn:   50/50 Silk/Merino that I dyed back in July
Needles:  US 9, Knitpicks Options
Finished Size:  26 x 62"
Notes:  I used a heavier than called for yarn and knit extra repeats of the body chart.



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Great shawl . . . . and great tip! I just changed the margins in Word on my computer too.

The ST looks fantastic, that project was one of my favorites! Yes, here at Penn State we are indeed making the margin change as well as moving to putting online every document that can be put on line, and our department alone has saved scads of $$$ and paper.

Fabulous! I absolutely love it in green! Your models are beautiful.

Thanks for the tip.......very interesting....i will have to spread the word.

Beautifully done!

Great idea for changing the margins to save trees!

It's lovely in that yarn.

that looks great! i love the color. and your daughters are beautiful!

One of my favorites - done so well. Beautiful.

This was one of my favorite shawls to knit.......yours is beautifully done!

Great tip on Margins!

That is beauitful! I have been looking for a good first lace project. This actually seems like it totally fits the bill. ACK! more things in my cue on ravelry!!!

Lovely shawl. I really like the look of it in thicker yarn.

Love the new shawl, and the tip about the margins is awesome. I just changed my defaults on my computer.

Gorgeous! I love it in the heavier yarn.

Great idea on the margins. And the shawl is stunning.

What a great idea with the margins. Who would have thought. The shawl is simply scrumptious.

Very, very pretty. I'm changing my margins today;-)

Interesting thing about the margins. It's so nice that the world is making a big push to go green. The shawl is gorgeous by the way! I love the green color. Your daughter, of course, is a beautiful model. :D

thanks for that paper info. what an eyeopener. i really like to "edit" on paper but i have been trying to fix that. at least now i use the other side of the paper.

also, i re-use office xerox scrap in my crafts, to catch glitter, to catch embossing powder, as test paper. very handy.

Gorgeous! The color is amazing. Great work :)

That is gorgeous! I may just have to queue that shawl pattern :-)

Beautiful ST! I really love it in this color.

And I hadn't heard about the margins movement -- so sensible. I used to have my students do 1" margins, but now I just have them submit everything electronically.

It's so amazing what a little change, like margins, will do!
Now I want a Shetland Triangle in heavy yarn for this winter - Yours is lovely in green!

you have the prettiest model

Thank you for the wonderful tip.

Beautiful shawl and daughter.

beautiful shawl.
I luv the change the margins tip thanx.
luv Abby

Cutie-pie . . . you little ones are adorable. I keep my margins set at .5 all the way around unless I am binding something on the left (then it is .75). The only time I am an ass about it is for presentations or academic papers. Then, damn the environment . . . MLA won't change any time soon for trees. Shame.

I have to get cracking on my Shetland Triangle. I bought enough yarn at Lola's this summer but haven't cast on yet.

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