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Just a Girl Hoping for an Internet Connection

My Internet connection has been down for two days.  *grumble*
There is a nice man from Verizon here working on it.  I thought I might try a quick post while he's still here.  You know how these things go:  man comes to fix broken machine, machine works normally while man is in the house, machine ceases to work once man leaves. . . It has happened to me too many times in the past to have any confidence.

I have been knitting a sock for a swap pal.


The thing is I "outed" myself to her a few days ago when I inadvertently sent her an e-mail from my "Through The Loops" e-mail address.  (Lesson learned:  Don't talk to your spouse on the phone and send e-mails at the same time.)  Luckily she doesn't normally read my blog and has promised to stay away until after the reveal.  As I post these photos I hope she is able to resist the temptation.  I know I would have a hard time.  (I always managed to find my mom's gift hiding places when I was a kid.)


What's a sock in progress post without a gratuitous vodka bottle shot?


Pattern:  My own design.  I'm thinking I'll call it "Belvedere" after the vodka that is so proudly modeling it.
Yarn:  STR lightweight, color: Brick.

I won a contest over at Nova's yesterday.  I get to choose a yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts or Knit Purl.  I'd better go have a look while I've still got a connection. . .


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Lovely! The color is wonderful and the pattern is great. She will love them! May I ask what cast on you prefer for your socks? It looks so nice and elastic but I can't quite tell from the photos.

Lovely! The color is wonderful and the pattern is great. She will love them! May I ask what cast on you prefer for your socks? It looks so nice and elastic but I can't quite tell from the photos.

Oooh, lovely!
I'm about to cast on for Achillea [for the Southern Summer of Socks].

Good luck on the connection!

Beautiful sock. Is it cocktail time yet? ;^)

Ahhh...socks and vodka.My kinda fun!
Gorgeous sock.

Red socks AND vodka? Now this is MY kind of post.

Belvedere, I love it!!

Believe it or not, just this morning my car wouldn't start. When the guy got here to jump it, it started right up. There's got to be some sort of Murphy's Law about this...

Gorgeous sock. If I was your pal, there's no way I could stay away and not peek. (My mom resorted to storing gifts at the neighbor's house.)

Shame about the internet issues - gotta admit to being a little sad that the sock's not mine ;)

lucky girl getting that!
beautiful sock....
hope you get your connection up and running soon.......!

That's a beautiful sock!

I love that pattern! gorgeous sock!

Gorgeous! You're swappee will love them or should I say it?!

That sock is gorgeous! Love the color.

Your swap gal is a lucky girl ! I'm not sure if I could stay away from your blog, just like you I was an expert in finding gifts :-)

those are great! too bad I'm not your pal... :)

You have a very fortunate swap pal - You have designed a beautiful pattern!!

What a beautiful sock. Amazingly the vodka bottle really brings out the red. Ah, winter, how I'm going to love knitting socks for it.

Very pretty sock! I love the name-- and the reason behind it :)

I'm sorry to hear about your internet. Is it better yet? I hope it will be soon!

Wow, great pattern! I am definitely going to have to make this one. And I love the colour :)

My friend is your swapee and I have it on good authority she hasn't sneaked a look, but she will LOVE those socks!

Very pretty! Although I prefer most whiskeys to vodka, the red yarn goes better with the clear. Your pal will be pleased.

I know I shouldn't laugh at you outing yourself but that's SOOOO something I would do. Multi-tasking sure bites you in the arse sometimes huh? lol

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