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Is Anyone Tired of Sheep Photos Yet?

I just can't resist.  These guys are so very, very cute. . .


And him.


I wanted to take this fella home with me.


So I had to satisfy myself with a bit of fiber.


I didn't buy a single yard of yarn.  Just lots and lots of the fluffy stuff.
My girls spent the day looking for angora rabbits, begging me to buy one for them,  and eating cotton candy while giggling about how much it looked like roving.


My mom wants to learn to spin now.  She even bought her first roving.
A good time was had by all.

On an unrelated topic, I finished my second Turbulent Indigo in the Noro from my last post.  It is currently pinned out on my bedroom floor.  Once it dries I'll post photos. 

A reader found an error in the Turbulent Indigo pattern.  (Thanks Carol)  I have corrected it so if you downloaded the pattern before today you may want to get the new copy.  And speaking of errors, there were two typos in the title of my last post.  Sheesh!  I guess I'd better stop getting up at 5:30 to knit.  I may be a little sleep deprived. . .


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I Love sheep photos. I could see blogs and blogs of them. :)

And that's some darn pretty fluffy stuff! The only yarn I picked up was from the sale bin at Morehouse Merino after the festival. It was simply to cheap to pass by.

That's so cool that you'll now have a spinning momma :)

Tired of sheep pics, never! My suspicion is that your yarn stash is pretty well-stocked...and really, there was just so much preety preety fiber!

Okay, sheep and goats freak me out a bit. Truly it is their eyes. Had I been to Rhinebeck and had the girls been with me, I would have let my oldest commiserate with your girls about mean moms who say no to bunnies. And, I thought that was roving! Please say it wasn't.

I watched for you on Sunday but unfortunately, I never saw you!

Not a single skein of yarn? Such restraint!!

I didn't buy yarn either..it was all about the roving for me.. and I agree with your girls, it felt like I was buying bags of pretty cotton candy!

i brought some of that cotton candy home for j and even he thought it was wool and wondered why i would bring him some.

I will never tire of sheep (and goat!) photos! I love the photo of your daughter with the cotton candy... I should have gotten some!

I'm going to have to learn how to spin sometime soon. I just love looking at the products of other people's spinning!

I think you found the cutest sheep at the festival to photograph. They often don't smell too good wet though. Love the colors of the fiber you bought!

No yarn!? I'm with your girls too - buy me a bunny and some cotton candy?

I see your daughter has some of the maple sugar cotton candy...we discovered it as well and should have bought more. DELICIOUS! I held back and only got 2 small skeins of yarn and am going to try my hand at spinning with a bit of roving and a drop spindle. Any recommendations on good books or sites to get me started?

I can hardly wait to see what you do with your new colourful fibre. Please post pictures when you start to spin it. I've been totally envious of all the pictures from Rhinebeck, doesn't matter from sheep to stash, love the pic's!

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