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"B" is For

Boo! (and Bjork and booties and basses and Baby Surprise Jackets)


This is the first time, in sixteen years of motherhood, that I haven't made Halloween costumes for my kids.  I wish I'd known last year that Bjork was to be my swan song.  (Sorry, how could I pass up that line?)  Today marks the end of an era for me.  It used to be that October was the busiest month of the year.  Oh, sure I would grumble about the amount of work that those three elaborately sewn costumes would take.   But there is nothing quite like the feeling of satisfaction when they would put them on and my children were transformed into an elephant, white tiger, cow, Dorothy, the Tin Man, a unicorn, a dragon, a "pretty witch", a fairy,  an alchemist, an Elizabethan lady of the court or a lovely pair of kimono clad Japanese girls.  To mention a few.


I guess this leaves me time to knit for future trick or treaters.  The Baby Surprise Jacket is done, along with a matching pair of Saartje's Booties.  If there is time I may make a mini Zeebee.


Sorry for the picture heavy post.  I had a little too much fun taking photographs of these diminutive items.  I love how tiny the booties are on the bass.


To think that my sweet son was once small enough to fit into these little shoes.  Now he manages the giant bass with confidence and ease.   It is all a bit much for a nostalgic mother reminiscing of Halloweens past.




I'm really pleased with the way the shell buttons pick up the colors of the yarn.


The stretchy garter stitch of the BSJ will accommodate a chubby baby belly quite nicely.


Baby Surprise Jacket

Pattern:  BSJ by the Talented Mrs.  Zimmermann of course.
Yarn:  Zitron Life  Style, Color 1864, 2 balls (I've got the third ball left over, does anyone want to swap something for it?)
Needles:  Addi Lace US size 4 (3.5 mm)

Saartje's Booties

Pattern:  Saartje's Booties available for free here.
Yarn:  Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks That Rock Medium Weight, Color: Blue Moonstone
Needles:  Addi Lace, 2.5mm


Being Bartholomew Cubbins


When your mother is a knitter, and you happen to mention that you like handknit hats, you may eventually begin to feel like a certain Dr. Seuss character


If this knitting mother has a few hours, while she's sitting in a Long Island amusement park listening to your sister sing, she might just grab some yarn and needles and make you another hat.   This will only serve to heighten the feeling that you live in the Kingdom of Didd.


Given your abundance of hats, you might get a little pouty because your school's dress code doesn't let you wear your hats all day long.  Some of those classrooms are a little chilly in the morning, you know.


Links Hat

Yarn:  Autunno Di.Ve, 100% Merino, Color #31208 & 34048  - Purchased at Modern Yarn.
I cannot sing the praises of this yarn loudly enough.  It is just about the softest thing I've knit with, and the colors are gorgeous.  I don't think the photos shows it very well but the colors very subtly change, from light to dark, warm to cool.

Pattern:  None, I made it up as I went along.  I didn't have any graph paper with me, so this one was really knit on the fly.  I cast on 80 stitches.

Needles:  Addi Turbo, US 9 (5.5 mm)

Thanks for all of your kind comments on the photo of myself in the last post.  I wasn't really looking for compliments, but it sure was nice. 



The above photo beautifully illustrates why I always have my daughters model.  Ugh!  The hair so overdue for a cut and color, the day-glow zit on the chin, and my posture which makes me look pregnant, not a bit of this is good.  (The lump in the front is the belt and not my stomach!) Hopefully I can distract you from the uglies with my new Turbulent Indigo.  Doesn't it look nice with my coat?


It is much better posed with the leaves.


Or a closeup where you can't see my nastiness.


Turbulent Marble

Pattern:  Turbulent Indigo (see my sidebar for the pattern)
Yarn:  Noro Silk Garden, Color #269, 3 skeins
Needles:  US 9 (5.5mm)  Knitpicks Options with a 60" cable
Notes:  I added 4 extra repeats of the stitch pattern, that fact along with the heavier gauge of the Silk Garden made this scarf much longer than the original.  I love wrapping it around and around my neck.  My new scarf will keep me really warm this winter.

Is Anyone Tired of Sheep Photos Yet?

I just can't resist.  These guys are so very, very cute. . .


And him.


I wanted to take this fella home with me.


So I had to satisfy myself with a bit of fiber.


I didn't buy a single yard of yarn.  Just lots and lots of the fluffy stuff.
My girls spent the day looking for angora rabbits, begging me to buy one for them,  and eating cotton candy while giggling about how much it looked like roving.


My mom wants to learn to spin now.  She even bought her first roving.
A good time was had by all.

On an unrelated topic, I finished my second Turbulent Indigo in the Noro from my last post.  It is currently pinned out on my bedroom floor.  Once it dries I'll post photos. 

A reader found an error in the Turbulent Indigo pattern.  (Thanks Carol)  I have corrected it so if you downloaded the pattern before today you may want to get the new copy.  And speaking of errors, there were two typos in the title of my last post.  Sheesh!  I guess I'd better stop getting up at 5:30 to knit.  I may be a little sleep deprived. . .

Because Sometimes the ADD is Just Can't be Supressed

There is no way I should be casting on a new project.  I have that Belvedere sock to finish, Dr. G's Memory Vest just needs a little ribbing at the collar and the armholes, not to mention the mountainous pile of UFOs laying around the place.


But, I bought a new winter coat today. 

On the way home from the mall I stopped at one of many favorite LYS's, just to see if they had Cat Bordhi's new book - they did.  Then I remembered that new color of Noro that I had seen a few weeks ago at the Point.  It is so subtly colored.  Quite a departure from the familiar Noro colors.  I have to admit to obsessing over it recently. 


A quick peek at those oh-so-perfectly crammed shelves in the back of the store and I had my three balls.  I mean, a new coat deserves a freshly knit scarf, right?  I'll be making my Turbulent Indigo pattern.  I think it will work up nicely in Silk Garden.  Besides, I'll need something simple to knit as I watch Season 2 of Weeds tonight.


Yes, I have gone astray yet again.  So what else is new?

Just a Girl Hoping for an Internet Connection

My Internet connection has been down for two days.  *grumble*
There is a nice man from Verizon here working on it.  I thought I might try a quick post while he's still here.  You know how these things go:  man comes to fix broken machine, machine works normally while man is in the house, machine ceases to work once man leaves. . . It has happened to me too many times in the past to have any confidence.

I have been knitting a sock for a swap pal.


The thing is I "outed" myself to her a few days ago when I inadvertently sent her an e-mail from my "Through The Loops" e-mail address.  (Lesson learned:  Don't talk to your spouse on the phone and send e-mails at the same time.)  Luckily she doesn't normally read my blog and has promised to stay away until after the reveal.  As I post these photos I hope she is able to resist the temptation.  I know I would have a hard time.  (I always managed to find my mom's gift hiding places when I was a kid.)


What's a sock in progress post without a gratuitous vodka bottle shot?


Pattern:  My own design.  I'm thinking I'll call it "Belvedere" after the vodka that is so proudly modeling it.
Yarn:  STR lightweight, color: Brick.

I won a contest over at Nova's yesterday.  I get to choose a yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts or Knit Purl.  I'd better go have a look while I've still got a connection. . .


It finally feels like October.  After days and days in the 80's, this weather is a relief.


DD#1 has always loved rainy days.  I think it is the idea of cozy days with nothing to do but sit inside and read.  Of course DD#1 did have to go to school today, but after school she frolicked in the rain while I took photos of her new hat.  Now she's off to the couch with a cup of oolong and a good book.


I wish I could tell you what yarn I used, but I don't have a label.  I bought it at the Union Square Greenmarket a few weeks ago, on a day that was much too warm to be thinking about wool hats.  (No, it's not Morehouse Merinos.)  The yarn is merino, dyed with natural dyes; indigo and some sort of yellow to make a soft shade of green.  It was still damp from the dye pot when I bought it.  Trying to show you the green on a rainy day, under a red umbrella was a bit of a challenge.  But I like the mood  of the photos enough to sacrifice color accuracy.


My Reader's New Hat
Pattern:  none, just a basic cabled hat, 84 stitches.
Yarn:  Mystery yarn from the Greenmarket.
Needles:  US 8

How's that for vague information?


Keeping It Green


Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.  While I was in North Carolina, my niece told me about a great way we can each help our environment.   Change the Margins asks us to adjust the default margins on our Word documents.  Penn State University has determined that by making the change from 1.25" to .75" their institution could save "72 acres of forest and over $120,000" a year!  My kids are going to each of their schools and asking them to make the change.  We are doing it here at home.  Perhaps you will consider passing the word along too.


Evelyn Clark's "Shetland Triangle" is one of the simplest triangular shawl patterns.  In my eyes, it's also one of the best.  It shows off beautiful yarn so well, and works in a variety of weights.


I like my shawls a little bigger than the called for size, so each time I've knit it, I've added a few extra repeats.  I worked 11 repeats of the body chart for this one.  Even in the worsted weight yarn that I used my shawl only measures 26 x 62".   Although, I probably could have pulled a bit more when I blocked it.


The yarn is a merino silk that I dyed over the summer.  I posted a photo of the yarn and asked for ideas of what to knit with it.  Brenda suggested the Shetland Triangle, referencing  Jared's, Sundara Silky Merino version.  Quite a few others agreed.  For me, it didn't take much convincing.  Between the beauty of Jared's work and my already established love of the pattern I knew instantly that my readers were right. 


Shetland Triangle
Pattern:  Evelyn Clark's Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style
Yarn:   50/50 Silk/Merino that I dyed back in July
Needles:  US 9, Knitpicks Options
Finished Size:  26 x 62"
Notes:  I used a heavier than called for yarn and knit extra repeats of the body chart.