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Being Bartholomew Cubbins


When your mother is a knitter, and you happen to mention that you like handknit hats, you may eventually begin to feel like a certain Dr. Seuss character


If this knitting mother has a few hours, while she's sitting in a Long Island amusement park listening to your sister sing, she might just grab some yarn and needles and make you another hat.   This will only serve to heighten the feeling that you live in the Kingdom of Didd.


Given your abundance of hats, you might get a little pouty because your school's dress code doesn't let you wear your hats all day long.  Some of those classrooms are a little chilly in the morning, you know.


Links Hat

Yarn:  Autunno Di.Ve, 100% Merino, Color #31208 & 34048  - Purchased at Modern Yarn.
I cannot sing the praises of this yarn loudly enough.  It is just about the softest thing I've knit with, and the colors are gorgeous.  I don't think the photos shows it very well but the colors very subtly change, from light to dark, warm to cool.

Pattern:  None, I made it up as I went along.  I didn't have any graph paper with me, so this one was really knit on the fly.  I cast on 80 stitches.

Needles:  Addi Turbo, US 9 (5.5 mm)

Thanks for all of your kind comments on the photo of myself in the last post.  I wasn't really looking for compliments, but it sure was nice. 


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That is an amazing hat to knit on the fly! I'm so impressed. I love it!

Everything you make turns out wonderfully. I just started my own turbulent indigo scarf last night! I will try to share photos if I can.

way to go with on the fly! it looks great!!

Love the colours - and it looks incredibly soft!

The hat is adorable and she has the cutest pout!

Great hat! I'm very impressed with your "on the fly" knitting abilities!

Ok, you just made that up? You are so completely talented!!

How inspiring, to see something so great knit 'on the fly' as you say - I'm impressed.

The hat is so cute! Looks very warm and cozy.

You really can't wear your hat inside in a cold classroom? Who came up with such a dumb rule?

How beautiful! The pattern is awesome and I love the color combo.

I love the stories you tell with the DDs. They are so pretty, and so are your handknits. I'd pout too if I couldn't wear your hats all the time.

Wow........give me a pattern and I can knit anything, but create on the fly like that....no way. Impressive!

That's why I am so happy that the twin who adores hats also cranks them out at record speed (since I have only knit up one). Very, very cute . . . even the faux pout!

How do you just make it up as you go along? it looks perfect! great photos ;)

Knit on the fly! Wow!

I really liked that book as a kid! It's a beautiful hat, and I'm really impressed that you winged it, too!

Made it up as you went along?! I'm with everybody else on this one. You are clearly some kind of mad savant genius person. That hat is really beautiful.

Lovely hat! I come here not as often (because my scrren freezes everytime I click on your blog), sometimes I get through, and here you are, having posted so many lovely things.

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