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Because Sometimes the ADD is Just Can't be Supressed

There is no way I should be casting on a new project.  I have that Belvedere sock to finish, Dr. G's Memory Vest just needs a little ribbing at the collar and the armholes, not to mention the mountainous pile of UFOs laying around the place.


But, I bought a new winter coat today. 

On the way home from the mall I stopped at one of many favorite LYS's, just to see if they had Cat Bordhi's new book - they did.  Then I remembered that new color of Noro that I had seen a few weeks ago at the Point.  It is so subtly colored.  Quite a departure from the familiar Noro colors.  I have to admit to obsessing over it recently. 


A quick peek at those oh-so-perfectly crammed shelves in the back of the store and I had my three balls.  I mean, a new coat deserves a freshly knit scarf, right?  I'll be making my Turbulent Indigo pattern.  I think it will work up nicely in Silk Garden.  Besides, I'll need something simple to knit as I watch Season 2 of Weeds tonight.


Yes, I have gone astray yet again.  So what else is new?


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A new coat absolutely needs a new scarf! Enjoy!

I love the new coat. I love that color of Noro and I definitely think it needs a lovely scarf!! I have been reading your blog for awhile now, not even knowing where I found you. You have great patterns and take beautiful pictures.

Ok, a new winter coat is an entirely justifiable reason to start a new project!

That sounds perfectly rational to me. new coat = new scarf on the needles. Yup. I would do the same :) I mean...c'mon! You gotta! I am all about the single projects right now. I have all these fricken single socks that still need a match but all I can think of are hats and scarves that when you knit one it is finished! No need to cast on another to finish. Nope. Just one. Yup. I'm going to start....soon :)

A winter coat isn't a winter coat without a scarf.


Love your new winter coat! It screams for a new scarf so you couldn't help it, right? It'll be perfect together!

Oh, I think that yarn will make a gorgeous turbulent indigo - subtle and calming!

Ooooohhhhh, such gorgeous wool - is it Silk Garden? I love the composition with the marbled urn.

that color of Noro is simply beautiful!!!!! so subtle!

That Noro is perfect. I just love the subtlety. I would be knitting with it now too!

It's beautiful yarn. Don't feel upset, I have a special box where I put my u.f.o.'s. I go back now and then and pick one out and finish it. Honestly, you'd have to have and iron will to pass that yarn by.

Great! Now I'm obsessing over that Noro. Thanks a lot, like I don't have enough stuff cramming my brain.

Have fun with the book. I hope it won't keep you chained to the couch like it did to me last weekend.

You can't have a new coat and no matching scarf to go with it can you ?
Very pretty yarn, matches the coat so well.

Gorgeous coat and fantastic yarn to go with!!

Beautiful coat, and the yarn is perfect for it. You only have to knit one sock, so the scarf is no problem.

That's Noro? Holy shit . . . it's neutral! And I didn't know there was a yarn shop that close to Short Hills. The Flyer works in Parsipanny and I never can find enough to occupy my time when I pick him up (doesn't happen that often, but it happens). Have to add that to my trip list.

Love that color of noro.....I haven't seen it.
And, I WANT your coat!!!!

ooohhh the new coat is gorgeous!

I did that last year when I got a new coat! That's a very pretty coat-- it will look great with your new scarf :)

If I were to be led astray right now, I would just pray it were as beautiful of a detour as that is looking to be!

I love the jacket! A girl can't have too many scarves either! Looking forward to seeing the finished Dr. G's Memory Vest, and yes I'm a Weeds fan as well. That show keeps getting better.

love it! and please girl, i am Queen ADD. I can't keep focus for very long! And that coat is gorgeous!

Um... where did you get that coat? Because I *love* it. And I need a new winter coat.

A new coat, especially one as nice as that, totally deserves a new scarf - I LOVE that Noro!!

That is going to look great together! Love the coat and the yarn!

Love Weeds too!

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