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Would You Like To Join Us?

In her post yesterday, Beverly* mentioned that she was having her own personal UFO August.  As far as I know, there is no offical KAL this year.  Last year it was just what I needed.  It is such a good feeling to get those nagging UFOs under control before the insantily of holiday knitting comences.  I've decided to join Bev, and anyone else who wants to rid themselves of the guilt.    If you want to join Bev and I, comment on this post, list your UFOs on your own blog, and I will add a list of who's joining the fun in my sidebar.  Then we all simply post our successes on our own blogs.  I've also created a Flickr Group.  This will be very, very informal.

Here is my list.  It is far from being comprehensive. I've limited myself to things that I have any intention of finishing in the near future. 


Icarus.  This should be done in the next few days.  I only have about 15 (very long) rows left.


Desperate Housewives sock.  This has been sitting in limbo for a very long time.  The colors are fun, but a little bright for me.  DD#2 will love it though.  It is a stitch pattern of my own design, that I have already knit once in a much more muted yarn.  I wanted to experiment and see how the pattern works in a more dramatic colorway, since I am interested in developing patterns that work with all of the tempting variegated yarns available.  I did recently join the  Single Sock Liberation Movement so I really shouldn't feel any pressure to finish this one.


EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket.  I'm making this for a friend who is expecting her first child in November.  When she was a teen, the mom-to-be babysat twice a week for my infant twins, while I got a much needed break.  Thirteen years later I am still grateful to that poised young lady who was willing to take my screaming babies and cuddle and comfort them for me.  I would often return to find her with two sleeping babies on her chest.


Embossed Leaves.  I don't know why this one has been on hold for so long.  I love the yarn, I love the pattern.  Must finish, must finish.


A single mitten from EZ's Knitter's Almanac.  Do you think the Single Sock Liberation Movement is inclusive enough to allow mittens?


DD#2 wants a pair of polka dot knee socks.  What better yarn than some candy colored STR?  So far, just one cuff completed.


This pair of socks was going to be a contribution to Project Spectrum.  Too bad I missed the red/black months.  Basic stockinette socks are good knitting for dark theaters though.  Maybe I'll make good progress when we go to the Simpson's Movie.


Top-down raglan striped sweater.  I just need to finish the sleeves, and add a button band.

So, that's my list.  What's yours?

* Beverly is having a "Tell Me Your Dream" contest.  You've only got a few hours left to enter, but she is offering some pretty nice goodies.


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You have such beautiful UFOs! It will be fun to see you knit them up.

This is a great idea... and it might be just the kick in the pants I need to finish up some of my unfinished projects.

Oh, I'd love to join up, but I've got limited knitting time left and not everything that "needs" to be done before baby gets here is a UFO. However, finishing that blanket, which had been around for years and years, sure did feel great. Good luck!

All so pretty! Love your Icarus!

Oh yes, count me in. This is just what I need as my ufos are spiraling out of control--thanks!

That's a lot to finish in just one month!

I am thinking that we shouldn't be too elitist. If you want to flash your mittens at the SSSLGroup go for it. Pleased to have you on board!

Great WIPs! Yep she will love the EZ jacket! What yarn/colorway are you using for the EZ and Project Spectrum socks? (I love reds/purples together...I know it is black but still! :op)

Your UFOs are so lovely! Icarus - sigh...so very pretty! All the color - wow! I've been feeling so colorless since I'm been following project spectrum.

What a perfect idea. Get some things done before fall comes along and everything starts moving fast again. I'm in. I'll post up my own list tonight after I get a few picis this afternoon.

I need to finish the Peace Fleece Aran Sweater I started this spring. I'm in.

Great idea! I'd join, but listing my UFO could be a bit overwhelming at the moment (there are LOTS!). :)

Ha! I just decided to publicly shame myself by posting all of my UFOs on Ravelry--now I'll do it on the blog too! :)
That mitten is gorgeous. She needs a mate! I guess it's a little hot right now, tho.

I like this idea, I really only have a couple but one of them might have a little guilt attached to it since I only just started it and it was promised months and months ago. (He's got size 14 feet I can't be blamed for the delay!) I'll take some pictures and post them next week. Maybe that will get my butt in gear.

Your UFO are lovely (I hope you finish them all)! I've only got two real UFOs: an intarsia hemp bag I started last summer and the mate to my first sock. I'm actively working on the Mystery Stole.

I will join you! I definitely need to compile a laundry list and get some almost-done projects off the needles. Although my list won't be as delicious as yours, I love every one if your WIPs. The colors are all amazing!

Your UFOs look great! That icarus is gorgeous. I may be coming around on pink... I have decided that all of my UFOs are actually WIPs. Some are just more "in progress" than others. Good luck!

I would love to join in - I have too many UFO's in my basket that I really want to finish - so I'm in!

I'm too ashamed to show my UFOs!!! I honestly don't know if I have any on the needles b/c I usually frog them and put them in bags for *later*

Your UFOs are lovely. And mine are listed on my blog. And I do love the Desperate Housewives socks.

Wonderful projects! I really am looking forward to seeing the polka dotted knee-highs. I think your DD#2 and I have similar color preferences.

My UFO list has grown frightfully long, but I really want to start a sweater I KNOW I will be able to wear a lot this fall. What to do? Do you have a time machine?

What yarn are you using in the Baby Surprise Jacket?? I LOVE it!

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