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Socks Were Promised. . .

. . .and socks you shall have.  Gamely modeled by the fabulous DD's at Cross Estate Gardens in Bernardsville, NJ.  If you live in the area, these gardens are well worth a visit.


Poor DD#1, those green shoes were way too small.  Ah, the things we our kids do for our art!  ;)



Desperate Socks
Pattern:  My own
Yarn:  White Oak Studios Merino Superwash, Color:  Desperate Housewives
Needles:  US 1 [2.5mm]
This color is a little uncooperative in photography.



Pattern:  My own basic top down sock, picot cuff
Yarn:  Claudia's Handpainted Fingering, Color:  Plumlicious
Needles:  US 0 [2mm] 

These are knit pretty tightly, but  zeros were the only needles I had available when I wanted to cast on for a basic stockinette sock.   Not to mention the fact that the two skeins of Claudia's were quite different.  Yes, I know I should have knit from both balls at once, but the whole point of a stockinette sock is the simplicity in knitting and the portability.  I didn't want to deal with two tangled balls in the dark movie theaters where I knit these.  They will be just fine worn under jeans.



Have I ever mentioned that I kitchener my socks inside out?  I discovered early on that the process is more logical on the purl side of the fabric.  It is so much easier to see how the stitches should be formed.  If you have trouble kitchenering, try it.

A couple of additional photos of  the gardens:




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That's such a fun photo shoot! I'm sorry your daughter had to wear ill fitting shoes, but they do look great. As do the socks :)

Cute photo shoot as usual! Thanks for the kitchener tip! I surely needed one.

Awesome socks! I love your photos of them :)

That looks like a fun little photoshoot for 2 fun pairs of socks. Great work, as always!

Lovely socks! For the inside-out kitchener stitch, do you follow the same sequence or do you reverse it somehow?

Wow..that's a beautiful garden! The socks look so gorgeous and serene there. I like the colors of the burgundy pair. They're both really nice actually, they'd be perfect for blue jeans. The garden actually reminds me of the secret garden from the movie. It's beautiful, oh how I wish I had that as a back yard. I get the occasional lost duck or deer walking through.

I never knew about that park! I'll have to send it to my friends who still live in the area.

Lovely socks and what a wonderful garden!

Very cute socks and great pictures!

The socks look great, and the garden looks like a tranquil heaven.

Beautiful socks! The gardens are lovely too. Have a great weekend!

Such a gorgeous garden background for two fantastic pairs of socks!

Oh, those are some great socks and the shoes - super kicky!!!

Great socks, and photos (as always).

Beautiful gardens, beautiful socks!

Beautiful - the socks, the models, the location, the photography. BEAUTIFUL!

I second Nora's comments, in fact, I'll just pretend I said it. Beautiful - the socks, the models, the location, the photography. BEAUTIFUL!

I saw these shots on Flickr and just LOVE the socks!

Great photo shoot and socks!!!!

How absolutely perfect! the photo shoot, and the socks!

Darling pictures and very sweet socks!

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