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I Broke Into My Cookie Jar Yesterday. . .

. . . and went to Frenchtown.





Her name is Gigi.
Can't talk, gotta spin.


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Lovely! Have fun!

ooooooooooo...I envy you.

Congratulations! She's lovely :)

Wooot! Welcome to the family, Gigi! Now, you do realize that when you come for tea you gotta bring Gigis, yes? ;-)

Very cool!!! Congrats!

Enjoy her!


ooh pretty!!!! i have one just like gigi.

his name is lyle.

lyle thinks gigi is hot.

Great wheel! Well of course I say that because I have the same one. :) New wheels must be in the air. Just came from brooklyntweeds blog and he got a new wheel also.

Enjoy, it's a lot of fun.

Yay! Congrats on your new best friend. ;)

2 new spinning wheel posts in one day. How is a girl to fight the temptation? My cookie jar is empty, but the piggy bank has some coins... Beautiful wheel Kirsten. Spin!

Frenchtown ... I am jealous I've been dying to go there . The new wheel is beautiful enjoy ;)

I wondered how long it would be before you got a wheel.She's gorgeous!Congrats!

Yay! Have fun!

Gigi is a real beauty- you must be in spin heaven. I can't wait to see a live demo. Susan- your nonblog friend

Oooh, The Spinnery! :-) My folks live right around the corner from Frenchtown, so I always try to stop in when I go home to visit them.

Enjoy! :-)

Oh, yay! I borrowed a Louet S10 a couple of months ago. It's enough to turn anyone into a total fiber fiend. Good luck!

I got a wheel today, too, and Google says Frenchtown is only 135 mile north, and my maiden name was "French." It's fate - I have to plan a road trip. Enjoy your Gigi.

Happy Spinning!

Nice! My in-laws have a house in Rosemont (like 5 minutes south of Frenchtown) and I know that area well. Visiting that part of NJ you really see why it's called the Garden State!

Congratulations! That looks like fun!

Enjoy! (Somehow, I know you will.)

Oooh pretty! Can't talk now, too jealous :)

We used to do Bastile Day years ago but haven't been in a while.

Maybe we'll do a day trip before the summer is out! Thanks!

Awesome! I didn't know there was a spinning shop in Frenchtown. That's near where I grew up.

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