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For The Love of Wool

I have mentioned before how obsessive I can be.  Once a passion strikes, I can think of little else.  So it has been with spinning of late.  My apologies to those of you who come here to see finished knitting.  For today, more of my efforts at the wheel.


Tomorrow, I promise, socks.  Two pairs have been completed.  All that remains is a photo session with my girls.


The blue will be a scarf, knit lengthwise, with a few yo's thrown in for drape.
The red will be a hat for the DD's.  I have been wanting to make a Zeebee ever since I saw Christy's.


This is spun from four ounces of  superwash merino from Three Waters Farm, in the Wild Berry colorway.  I picked the roving up on my trip to NC in July.   When I bought it, the fiber was all purples and black with just a touch of red and gold. It is interesting to me how the reds dominate once it is spun.



For a little relief from the saturated colors in that last yarn I give you; Vesper Roving by Knitterly Things, 100% Blue Faced Leicester in the Afterglow colorway.  Somehow I feel like the names of these two yarns should be switched.


Does one who is spinning obsessed have a problem when she goes to sleep at night, visions of twisted fiber in her head?  It is like when I was a kid and swam in the ocean all day, I'd lay back on my pillow and feel the memory of the gentle pull of the waves on my body. 

Luckily a few days ago I was given a distraction in the form of an e-mail.  There is something new to focus my creative energies on.  Sarah the Plucky Knitter and I will be collaborating.  I'll be working on some sock patterns for her delicious yarns.  Look for glimpses of the new designs in the next few weeks.


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Such pretty, pretty yarn. I especially love the Wild Berries!

I'm not a spinner, but I do dream of knitting after a particularly intense knitting session.

I am so impressed with your spinning. Those colors will make such a fabulous Zeebee.

Gorgeous yarn! Thank you for sharing it.

gorgeous! I must get back to my wheel! :)

Really nice yarn! I can't wait to see what you cook up for the Plucky Knitter yarns!

I see what you mean about switching the color names...both are beautiful no matter the name!

Some of us knit socks while daydreaming about spinning, ya know.

Beautiful yarn.

I think you should sell the red - to ME!

Love the orange & I can't wait to see the Zeebee. I'm becoming obsessed with that pattern. Great link!

I find myself apologizing to my blog too when I'm sewing instead of knitting. Buy you know what? Do what you love--no apologies needed! Everything you make (and photograph) is beautiful!

Such beautiful yarns !
The red is a real girly yarn, I'm sure it will look great on them.

Spinning is absolutely one of the most addictive activities I've ever done. Your yarns are beautiful, you can show more pictures anytime!!

Both are stunning!

Beautiful yarn! I don't spin, but I do dream about knitting. Congratulations on the sock pattern gig! It sounds like fun.

Absolutely beautiful!

Gorgeous yarns! Gives me hope that one day I will be able to spin something so beautiful!

I get obsessive about things too. Apparently, I am obsessed with "buying" at the moment. Your spinning is absolutely lovely. The twist looks nice and tight and the colors are all lovely to look at. There are going to be some lovely scarves and hats around these parts this fall!

You have major spinning mojo -- your handspun looks fabulous!

Your yarn is really inspirational. The mix of colors is delightful!

No need to apologize! I think we're always up for good yarn pr0n! Beautiful colors!

Don't apologise for showing pretty, pretty, pretty yarn.

such beautiful spinning! I love those barberpole yarns!

That's so exciting about you and the Plucky Knitter! I love her colorways and your sock patterns are fantastic!

Good luck!

Beautiful yarn, both of them !

Oh,I love that blue yarn! Gorgeous!

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