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Fiberlicious Friday

It has been a few weeks since I've been able to put together a Fiberlicious Friday post.  It seems like our summer weekends are all so busy.  My solution?  I'm writing this on Thursday morning, Typepad will do the rest and post it on Friday for me.

Today's Fiberlicious Friday is brought to you by my new love, "Gigi".  I've got so many UFO's beckoning me, but all I want to do is spin.  I've been splitting my time as well as one who is obsessed can.  Luckily for the UFO's, I've been spending 4 days a week in NYC and Gigi doesn't fit in the car with everyone's luggage.   Lace and socks get all of the attention since they are so portable.


The above yarn is spun from superwash merino fiber which I purchased from Aija's etsy store, Zero. I spun the singles on a drop spindle and plyed them on my new wheel.  The experienced spinners and highly observant types among you will notice that I have spun this yarn "backwards".  When I was taught to spin on my drop spindle I was encouraged to do it in the "correct" direction, singles clockwise - plying counter-clockwise.  Spinning my singles counter-clockwise has always felt more natural.  I am a firm believer in the school of "knit or spin the way that feels best to you, the  results are what count",   and so I spin counter clockwise on my drop spindle.  Now that I have a wheel, I am switching over to the conventional way of doing things for consistency's sake.  As a result, the yarn that was spun completely on the wheel was spun one way, while the singles that were spun on my drop spindle as above are done in my old "backward" way of doing things.   


The first spinning from my new wheel. 
This is a self striping yarn. The blues & greens are from a 100% merino roving that I handdyed, the brown is 100% merino that the owner of the Spinnery gave me when I bought my wheel from her. I like the way the brown tones down the acid brightness of the blues and greens.



I'm off to pack for the weekend now, and maybe have a little session with Gigi if I can squeeze it in.
Have a great weekend.


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Your wheel spun looks gorgeous- but of course so does the other yarn! I bet you are just loving your new wheel, aren't you?!!! :0)

beautiful - love the dark brown against the bright second ply!

Your yarns are gorgeous. Have a great weekend.

Ooo, beautiful yarns! Thanks for sharing. I'm quite fond of the blue & brown one myself!

Ok, I know zilch about spinning, but your yarn is gorgeous and unique. I love the blue and brown one!!

What a contrast in those two yarns, but they both are gorgeous! I am a big fan of brown and blue, but that top one is lovely (even if it is backward . . . see, I would have no clue had you not said it). I admire anyone who spins but it is not my bent. Have a great weekend!

New spinner here, and I went through issues over which way to spin because I'm LEFT-handed! Your work is beautiful and adding the brown was a great decision.

Both are so beautiful! Enjoy your weekend!

I need a spinning wheel!

I spin my singles counter clockwise. It's easier to control for me actually. I've tried it clockwise and actually find myself unconsciously unwinding my yarn by spinning it in the opposite direction.

Have a great weekend!

Beautiful! Have a great weekend!

That's your FIRST wheel yarn?!? It's gorgeous! Have a great weekend!!

Wow, those look great! I agree, it's hard to believe you just started with the wheel.

Beautiful yarns! I especially like the brown with the blues and greens. Have a great weekend!

Another winner. The brown is a very nice foil to the brights. That may be just the ticket for the dilemma with all this tussah/camel down I'm facing … gone stash diving.

Very nice spinning!

I've still yet to figure out what the 'correct' way is - I just try it, if it works, then fine :) Love the yarn! Beautiful pictures.

That is some fantastic spinning! And, of course, this only makes it more difficult to fight the siren song that is a wheel...

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