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Lace Diva

I have come to the realization that I love to knit lace.  I see so many projects that I want to knit; sweaters with cables, mittens with amazing colorwork, socks with intricate patterns.  For me those things are all about the end product.  I want to make them because I like idea of the finished object.  It has occured to me though, when I am truly happy, while I knit, it is always lace that I am knitting.  I love the feel of the fine yarn, I love the rhythm of the yarn overs and the knitting two together, I love the sharp needles.  Of course there is also the joy of the finished piece.  I wear my lace shawls every chance I get.  I will continue to lust after patterns with cables and colorwork. I'm sure I will cast on a project or two.  But I think the projects most likely to be finished will be lace.








Pattern:  Adamas Shawl
Designer:  Miriam Felton for Knit Picks
Yarn: Fearless Fibers, Colorway:  Hendrix
Needles:  Addi Lace US 6
Modifications:  None
Model:  DD#2


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I know exactly what you mean about knitting lace and just enjoying the process while knitting garments are about the finished product. Well put. Just love that shawl. I have that pattern. Did you use the lace merino yarn and how many skeins?

Very beautiful! Well done! Are you sure DD#2 is going to give it back?

I've yet to knit with lace weight. I have the Malabrigo you enabled me to get by pointing out that Webs carries it. I really should take the plunge.

The shawl is lovely, and on my To-Do list! Lovely model, too.

lovely shawl and even lovelier model

That is soooo gorgeous!I just finished my first shawl and have to get it blocked.You continue to amaze.

Your daughter is beautiful, your knitting is beautiful.....you take great pictures showing both of their beautys.........

Beautiful shawl, photos and gal!

Lovely, lovely, lovely! and the drape and color is awesome.

Looks wonderful. The shawl and the photos are amazing.

Your Adamas looks great and that's a really fun pattern to knit. Fabulous photo shoot, as always.

I'm learning about lace now with my first being the Mystery Stole 3 project. I've already purchased more yarn to do more lace. I think I'm in love!

Beautiful! I've never really paid attention to that pattern before - maybe now I should! Thanks for sharing it!

I feel the exact same way about lace knitting - I love the process! I'm trying to be more of a shawl/stole wearer.
Your Adamas is gorgeous in the soft lavender "Hendrix" colorway!

So beautiful, and your pictures are awesome too. I agree, there is something magical about lace knitting that makes it a favorite for me too.

Beautiful lace and beautiful pictures! I must agree about the satisfaction that comes from having some well constructed lace on the needles. There's just not much that can beat it.

I've said before that DD#2 could have a career as a model, but clearly you also could have a career, as a photographer. Stunning photo shoot! And what a shawl! I watched it grow and it's great to see it finished and blocked. Wonderful pattern.

Great set - great model - great knit! Beautiful as always, Kirsten. How do you knit so fast? :)

I'm not a shawl person myself, but that is *gorgeous*--and the yarn is yummy, too!

Just gorgeous!

Gorgeous shawl, and a great photo shoot too!


I am totally with you on the lace knitting process. I realized that a year or so ago when I was knitting a lace baby blanket. The only exception is if it's a lace knitting project that you are knitting for someone else because they'd like it and not something you actually wanted to otherwise knit. I love the shawl- beautiful!

The shawl is just beautiful. If I ever switch from crochet to knit...it will be knitted lace that entices me!

It is so pretty K! You are really inspiring me to knit lacy shawls. Your daughter is a beauty!

It is so pretty K! You are really inspiring me to knit lacy shawls. Your daughter is a beauty!

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