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Have Guitar, Will Travel

When I should have been packing for our trip to Mexico last week, I dyed these.  They were still wet when we left.


It was fun to come home to them still hanging on the rack, nice and dry.


The yarn above is 1/2 lb. of wool2dye4 super sock, 100% merino.  They call it fingering weight, I think it is a little lighter.  A half a pound is about 950 yards, so there is enough for a lace shawl here.  Hmmm, what to make, what to make?  I've named the color "Summer Grass".


This yarn is 50/50 merino silk in a worsted weight.  If I could find a wholesale source for this stuff I would buy some and dye it to sell.  I bought these three skeins  at a LYS a few years ago.  I always planned to dye it to knit Clapotis.  The jury is still out though.  I'm open to suggestions.  I've named the color "Echeveria", which is the botanical name for some of my favorite little plants; Hen's & Chicks.


DS leaves for Spain tomorrow.  He's going to be living with a Spanish family for two and a half weeks, taking Spanish classes and documentary film making classes.  I'm really going to miss him.  We went out and bought a cheap guitar for him to take since he can't be away from his music.   He's hoping to find a few Spanish musicians to teach him a bit of traditional guitar. He played his new toy for me the whole drive home from the store.   I had my own private concert - a bit of Macy Gray a bit of Soul Coughing and a touch of Jill Scott.  Now he's playing and he and DD#2 are singing.  It's moments like this when I realize how much I love being a mom -  and how cool this dear boy, who sometimes makes me want to rip my hair out and other times makes me laugh till I cry, is.


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The yarns are beautiful! Brooklyn Tweed knit the Shetland Triangle in a worsted wool-silk several months ago, and that turned out really lovely.

I hope your son has a great trip and returns to you safe and sound.

Oooh . . . the merino/silk is making my mouth water. Sincerely hope you find a wholesaler for this one as it is lovely beyond lovely. Especially the name as A) my grandmother loved her hens and chicks and B) one of my favorites students last name was the botanical name. Yes, a teacher isn't supposed to have favorites, but I make an exception with this one.

Hope your son enjoys his stay in Spain!

Great colours on the yarn, the merino/silk looks super touchable! Hope your son's trip goes well and he has lots of fun with all that learning.

The merino/silk looks exactly like the stuff I had Carol at Black Bunny dye for me for a clapotis. It is gorgeous! I love the green.

And I know that feeling about your son. I look at mine and I just can't believe I lucked out the way I did.

Spain -- how exciting! I'm sure it will be a great experience. I like Brenda's idea of making a Shetland Triangle (or some similar pattern) with your merino silk. Both yarns are just gorgeous!

Beautiful colors.

And yeah, kids are like that. Some days, you just want nothing better than a one-way ticket to anywhere far away. The very next day, you can't imagine a moment without them.

Those skeins are gorgeous. I wish I could hear the music and singing - I bet that's just as gorgeous as well. :)

Safe travels to your son! I love the new green yarns that you dyed - especially the Hens & Chicks!

Fabulous greens!--can't wait to see what you knit with them. I esp. love the sock yarn, although I'm not a sock knitter particularly.

Have a great trip!

Love those Hen and Chicks as well, they are such a fun plant. And both yarns came out the perfect shades of green--I agree that a Shteland Triangle would be amazing in the worsted.
How fantastic that your son knows Soul Coughing--I love(d) that group! I'm sure his exchange in Spain will be incredible, what a terrific educational opportunity.

beautiful yarns - love the greens. that would make a beautiful clapotis.

it sounds like a great adventure for your husband. immersing himself in the culture and all....

Ooh, Summer Grass - just lovely!

Lovin' the green!! Mmmmm, yum.

I know your son will have a wonderful time -- I hope he is able to play with some musicians.

Awwww, it is so fun to have a family that gets along as you all do. The yarns are gorgeous too!

What beautiful yarn!

The hair-ripping thing - I totally get!

I hope your son has a fantastic time in Spain! And that yarn IS gorgeous, I too see it and think...Shetland Shawl...

The hat looks great. I can't wait to try it. I think I have the perfect yarn!!

Enjoy NC. I love the Raleigh/Durham area!!!

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