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Ben's Blue Devil Hat

My girls and I are home from North Carolina after a fun filled visit with my sisters, parents, nieces and nephew.  I really enjoy the Durham / Chapel Hill area.  There are wonderful hiking trails, fabulous restaurants and three yarn stores within a short drive.  We had tour of the Lemur Center (which I highly recommend if you are in the area), visited the yarn stores, bought our copies of The Deathly Hallows at midnight, ate apple pie, went to my mom's new quilt group, celebrated my dad's 78th birthday and mostly enjoyed one another's company.

My seven year old nephew is a huge fan of handknits.  (He is obviously a very intelligent child!)  As soon as I arrived he started asking me to make something for him, so I set to work knitting a hat.  I found some self striping Berroco yarn in the colors of his beloved Duke Blue Devils.   He was thrilled with the results and despite the 95 degree heat, he happily wore the hat.


I didn't feel right leaving his sisters out of the fun, so my mom and I set to work knitting three more.  Luckily the Berroco yarn comes in a variety of colors.


My mom had so much fun knitting hats that she asked me to write up the pattern so that she could knit more after I'd left.  The hat is knit top down and I did all of the decreases at the crown, then passed them off to her to knit the rest of the hat, so she needed the decrease instructions.  Since I typed the pattern up for her, I thought I would offer it here too.  It is a very basic top down hat with a rolled brim.  I'm sure there are many more out there, but here is my humble contribution.  The pattern is in the sidebar.  I'm calling it "Ben's Blue Devil Hat" for my charming nephew.  Now he wants to know what I'm going to make for him next - socks perhaps or a scarf to match the hat.

(yeah, my sister has twins too)

Ben's Blue Devil Hat (pattern in the sidebar)
Yarn:  Berroco Love It Colors
Needles:  US 8/5.0mm DPN's
Gauge:  17 stitches = 4" /10cm.
Beautiful Models:  Ben, Abby, Emma & Hallie


Coming soon: my finished, blocked Adamas Shawl.  Much knitting can be accomplished waiting for delayed flights.


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Hi Ko-
I love the hats you knit for your nephew and neices! I am so excited to knit my next hat with your top down pattern instead of bottom first- thanx so much for sharing! Susan

nice, simple pattern. one comment though; 4 inches does not equal 15,25cm - that would be more in the vicinity of 6 inches.
best wishes from Iceland

I absolutely love the hats (great yarn, too)! I'll definitely be trying your pattern sometime soon.

Those are very cute! Glad you guys had a great time!

hats are so cute!! it's really a compliment for them to wear it in the hot weather. so did you finish potter yet!?

Great hats! You nieces and nephews are beautiful too! I'm glad you had a good time.

My DH and I are going to visit my family in Wisconsin the first week of August. Our return flight has been changed so a one hour layover has become five hours. I need to take enough knitting!

What gorgeous kiddies! They look so beautiful in their knitted hats. You're a good aunty. :)

Oh so cute! Love the photos!

Beautiful photos and wonderful models! Your nieces and nephew are great :) and I love the hats!

Wow, lots of twins! I am a twin as well, but not identical. I always wonder how it would be to raise twins, having been one. My grandfather was an identical twin and the two of them were full of mischief...

I live in Chapel Hill and knew about the yarn shops but not about the Lemur Center - I'll have to go check it out!

Great hats- Awesome photos. Glad to hear you had fun with your family.

I don't think that I've ever knit a top down hat? Must give it a try.

What a good aunty you are!So glad you had fun visiting your parents.I know you miss them so.It's good to have you back in blogland though.

Adorable kids and hats! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

Hats are my favorite thing to knit - thank you so much for the pattern! Just adorable!

Wow..can you take your knitting onto flights? I always thought you'd be jumped by a dozen pot bellied security guards at the gate!

The hat is adorable! He looks quite content in it actually:D

How awesome that they are asking to be knit for!!!! And great hats too!

How awesome that they are asking to be knit for!!!! And great hats too!

Those hats are GREAT! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

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