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A Tip of the Hat to Our Neighbors South of the Border

Last week was an interesting one.  We went on a family vacation to Mexico.  When I say family, I mean 19 of DH's nearest and dearest.  The trip was to celebrate his mom's & Aunt's 70th birthdays.  (They are SIL's born 10 days apart.)  All things considered, everyone got along pretty well.   But I'm glad the week is behind us.


Chichen Itza was a highlight.  The announcement that this awe-inspiring Mayan Pyramid earned a well deserved place on the new Seven Wonders of the World list was made the day after our visit.  (The photos I've included here are not of the pyramid itself, but of other buildings at the site.  My photos of the pyramid have far too many tourists in them.)  Oh, and I shouldn't forget to mention the inclusion of the Taj Mahal on the list, which was heartily toasted by the group of lively Indians that I was traveling with!


On my return from Cancun, I found a note from the post office that they  were holding a package for me.
It was from Uruguay . . .
It took all of my very limited self control not to rip into the package on the drive home from the post office.  I did it for you dear reader.  I just had to show you how pretty the stamps are!


Do you want to see what was inside?
Mmmmmmerino - lace.  Ahhhhhh. 
Purchased from this e-bay seller.
It took a few weeks for this order to arrive, but it was worth the wait.  I don't know what I'll make with it.  I'll probably just caress it for awhile.


There was a bit of plane knitting on the Mexico trip.  I started Miriam Felton's Adamas shawl.  The pattern has been on my list for ages, and I found the perfect yarn from Fearless Fibers.  The yarn is Lace weight Merino in the Hendrix colorway.


I was enjoying knitting this shawl so much that when the pilot announced our "final approach" to Newark, I was actually disappointed!

Final note:
I received my Ravelry invite at long last!  Hurray!  There is so much to be inspired by.  As if my knitting ADD weren't bad enough!   I've been having a great time exploring and adding projects.  It will take months to list the stash! 


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So funny. I must have been typing in your URL just as you were posting this. Beautiful photos. I hope I get to see the rest of 'em - and you - soon!

Glad you had a good trip to Mexico! My DH's family did a similar thing a couple years ago. I got heat exhaustion while seeing the Mayan sites and had to stay with the van driver and talk Mexican-American politics. Very odd!

Adamas is beautiful! I love those colors. And your new yarn is just gorgeous.

Yay for Cancun! I went there for Christmas with my family, it was so lovely! Glad you managed to survive your family vacay. :)
And welcome to Ravelry! Get ready to lose many, many hours....

That sounds like a wonderful vacation, family and all. :-)

I am so jealous! Of the trip and the yarn. ;^)

The shawl is lovely.

Thanks for the yarn link. I've only been to their website in the past.

I missed out on Chichen Itza when I went to Mexico (something about a bunch of girls and an all-inclusive resort doesn't translate well to cultural touring). The photos are lovely as is the yarn. Glad you are liking Ravelry . . . it is addictive. What is your "name" on there, by the way? We'll add you to the friends list!

The trip, the yarn, the knitting, the Ravelry - yay! It's all fabulous!

Cancun is so beautiful. I went my senior year in highschool. So pretty :o)

Love the lace yarn. Stop tempting me to buy yarn by linking to people!! GAH! The nerve! Oh well..it makes me feel better that you will be sucked into the addictive nature of Ravelry. I love that place. So many things to make....so little time. Enjoy!

Fab yarn... now I'm going to have to go buy some. Thanks for the link

Oooh Mexico sounds like it was fun! It's on the "to see" list for me and my husband. Oh the yarn is gorgeous too! And at such a good price! It's really hard to resist buying some for myself.

I'm going to look for you on Ravelry, watch out!

The trip to Mexico looks like it went well, that was one of our best family vacations ever as I recall. Chichen Itza is amazing...

Mexico...fun!! One day I would love to go there.

Love the yarn!!

I'm thinking about ordering some of that yarn just to get the awesome package. I mean, not that having the yarn wouldn't be cool too ...

That is an interesting sort of vacation :-)

I love the new yarn acquisition and adamas is looking gorgeous!

Glad you had a good time in Mexico. The yarn is beautiful!

I voted for Chichen Itza and am so happy it won! (along with Machu Picchu!) Beautiful pictures, and great package too!

Love the lace yarn color combo. And I really love the shawl you were knitting on the plane too. Just as lovely as everything you knit!

That merino is gorgeous! The shawl looks lovely so far too!

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