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What I Shouldn't Be Doing. . .

. . .writing this post.  I've got so much to do today, but I couldn't resist showing you this gorgeous yarn that I got from the Plucky Knitter.  Besides, Megan started the wonderful Flickr group Fiberlicious this week.  I love an excuse to show off pretty yarn!  She also urges us to flash a bit of yarn on "Fiberlicious Friday", but I didn't have time yesterday.


The colorway is "Black Watch Plaid".  It's a single ply sock yarn.  I can't wait to give it a try.  My favorite size one sock needles are tied up in another project right now though.  So this yarn will have to wait.


. . . and on a completely different topic:


Who can resist pirate bandages?  Especially when they give you a little ducky with an eye patch!


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What pretty yarn! I like your Fiberlicious interpretation. I had great fun making a Fiberlicious dinner yesterday, and I found sock yarn I'd forgotten I had.

Cool pirate bandages! I have a friend who loves all things piratical. I'll have to look for those.

Have a great weekend!

Wow - that yarn is gorgeous! If only I didn't have a tendency to felt stuff...

I love the bandages!! And the duck! ACK! Must have!! I love the yarn too LOL. QUACK!

Such pretty yarn! and holy,cow -- the bandage box/ducky/bandages are so cute (in a swashbuckling, piratey fashion).

Ooo, I think I have a boo boo. Do you think I could snag a little pirate aide?

Those bandages are a riot! Wherever did you find them?!

I thought my kids were already in bed, but my younger boy popped in just as I opened this post. Did I mention that he is a pirate fiend? So, I promised him that I'd ask about where one may purchase those pirate bandages...?

For me...I lurve that yarn!!

Pirate bandaids! Those are awesome...did you get those from 5littlemonkeys.com? I love the yarn, it's gorgeous. I'll have to go and check out her site :D.

Arrrrrggggghhhhh! Those be some mighty cool bandaids, matey. I want some!

The yarn is great too, what a beautiful colourway. I can't wait to see it knitted up.

Gorgeous yarn! Pirate bandages? I love it - I want some now!

hey there! stumbled upon your blog via flickr....LOVE your photographs + FO's!!

Beautiful yarn. I absolutely love the colorway!

Mmmm, yarnlicious!

Tasty looking yarn!!

Love the bandages - cute li'l ducky.

Gorgeous yarn! So rich in color ;)
I just might scrape my finger for that cool bandage!

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