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Summertime and the Living is Easy

I mentioned in my last post that I not a monogamous knitter.  Quite the contrary, I am rather promiscuous when it comes to my projects.  Take my latest finished project for example.  It is the knitting equivalent of a weekend fling.


It was all about the yarn for me.  I fell in love with the rich color of  this Alchemy Bamboo when I saw it at Modern Yarn.


I knew it had to be knit into something fairly simple to show off the subtle variations in the magenta yarn. 


Amy Singer's Montego Bay Scarf, from the Summer Interweave presented itself as the perfect choice.  I love the way the pairing of the bamboo yarn and the open stitch pattern creates a very drapey scarf.  The addition of a bit of fringe gives it sass.


DD#2 gives it attitude.


Montego Bay Scarf
Designed by Amy Singer, Interweave Summer 2007
Yarn:  Alchemy Bamboo; color Aubergine
Needles:  US #8 Knitpicks Options
Changes:  I added a three stitch garter border to the edges to help ward off rolling edges.
Amy braids the fringe in the pattern, I'm not sure if I'm going to do this or not.  I really like the movement of the fringe as it is now.  Perhaps if it starts to get a little ratty I'll braid.


Two more days of school.  Then SUMMERTIME!!!!!



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I love the title of your post today, my mother used to sing this song to me when I was little and now I sing it to LS. In any case, I am intrigued by this alchemy bamboo, I think I must obtain some and experience the richness and luxury for myself. Fabulous scarf, fabulous model! Attitude indeed!

Wow, the scarf really turned out cute!

Gorgeous!I actually have that one in the queue.I am trying to be monogamous right now so I can finish my first shawl.But that was blown out of the water now that I am waiting on a longer circular in the mail.So I started my Sockapalooooza socks.
I can't believe your kids are still in school!Mine have been out almost a month.Driving me crazy!

I am quite the slut when it comes to my knitting projects. I cheat on them left and right.

I love the scarf! I have been lusting after some bamboo yarn for awhile...I'm thinking this might be the perfect project (meaning excuse) to get some for ;o)

Just beautiful.

The yarn. The scarf. The child.


Very beautiful! The color is fantastic. Does DD#2 get to keep it as it is a fantastic color for her?

Thanks for letting me know that Webs had Malabrigo lace weight. I got home this evening and found a rebate in the mail for a bed I bought in February. I figured these two facts were meant to go together, and the Malabrigo is on its way to me.


I think that if a modeling agent ever happens across your blog, DD#2 could have quite a career.

Pretty, pretty! The drape is fantastic.

I've got some Cascade Cotton/Tencel that I tried to turn into a wrap by using a drop stitch pattern on large needles. Frogged it. I like yours so much better. If I work one up, I'll put a photo on my blog.

This is so, so lovely.

So pretty! Sometimes simple is the only way to go.

It really is beautiful! I love that color!

I love the color! Your model is doing a very good job at selling this scarf:)

Gorgeous! I think this will be a summer project of mine. Seeing one finished, and looking soooo good makes it an easy decision. Now, I just have to find yarn as pretty as the one you used.

Beautiful!! Lovely color and drape. Looks like you've got a professional model on your hands, wonderful photos!

The color is gorgeous! So pretty on your daughter!

Such a beautiful and simple pattern - and the yarn totally makes it. This is a pretty quick knit, I am about half way through mine :) I think the other commenters are right about your daughter and a possible modeling career ...and is your daughter really reading Wicked? I tried to read it, and I could not stand it... and I never say that about books!

Very nice! I love the color too, it's like a wine color. I like the fringe not braided too. Braided seems a little too heavy for the flow of this scarf. Your daughter gives it attitude just nicely too :D.

Dark curls and long lashes to boot!? Ugh, it's just not fair. :D My husband used to have LONG dark curly hair. It was beautiful. He went to the bar one night and got compliments from all the woman. But I think it was the guy that came up to him and said "Yes..yes you do have beautiful hair." that provoked him to cut it. LOL!

The scarf is lovely and it is the perfect color.

I skipped right by it in IK - they should have used your scarf/photo/model!! What a beautiful scarf!

I love the pattern and I love the color of the scarf. I am going to be on a hunt for that yarn now,

Oh YAY this is gorgeous! I'll have to send the link to Amy so she can see it!

Gorgeous! And great pics!

That's a great color for that pattern -- a really nice summer-y scarf.

Weekend fling, indeed!

damn, that is gorgeous! an excellent choice of yarn and a beautiful execution. and daughter. :-)


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