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The Great Pom Pom Debate of '07

Opinions were strongly divided on the matter of pom poms.
There were many who were adamantly anti-pom pom, and an equal number who embraced the fun of it all.  As a few of you wisely pointed out they do have a function.  They keep your socks from slipping into your shoes.


So I tried it out.  I stuck one pom pom to one ped.  Cute, no?
The trouble that we have to face as knitters is this; our pom poms are not so durable.  Think about it.  You place your lovingly crafted pom pom on the back of your foot and it gets kicked, it gets bumped, it gets rubbed against the back of your shoe.  This is no cushy, top a of hat sort of affair.  No, our socks take a lot of abuse.  I fear the hand made pom pom on the back of a sock is not long for this world.  You remember how it was when you were a kid.  Did your pom poms last long on your store bought peds?  This little gem will be removed, despite its undeniable resemblance to my sweet bunny's tail.  Pom poms, I'm afraid fair better on hats.


Good bye little pom pom.


It is a harsh world, where only the strong survive.


I am offering the pattern below.



I named these socks for the famous golf course where the Masters tournament is played.  (Yes, I know I'm on a golf kick lately.)  The color of the yarn contrasted with the coral cuff remind me of the beautiful fairways accented by gloriously blooming azaleas that Augusta National is known for.

Augusta is knit toe up.

Yarn:  Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock; 80% Superwash Wool, 20% Nylon; 215 yards/skien; main color #207 Envy, 2 skeins; contrast color Poppy, #3919, 1 skein

Needles:  US#0 or size to obtain gauge

Gauge: 9 st. = 1" in stockinette

Size: 7" at ball of foot and ankle, they stretch to fit my 9" wide foot and 8.75" ankle.  DD#2 is modeling the socks in the photos, her foot and ankle are considerably narrower than mine.

Cost:  $6.00

Pom poms or not, it is your choice. . .

I will e-mail a PDF file of the pattern when Pay Pal notifies me of payment.



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Two questions: how much is the pattern and is it top down or toe up? Thanks!

Fair thee well pom-pom..... :)

Hi, I LOVE the pattern. When I have money I want to buy it because I LOVE the pom poms with and the cutieness of it all.

But the thing doesn't say how much it is? Can you put it just above or below the Pay Pal link please?

Love Augusta, peds are perfect for those of us who aren't really sure if they like to wear socks at all. Blasphemy I know.
Beautiful pattern.

Oh my, those are nice. I love the colors. I'm going to have to get the pattern for it. I have to agree with the pom poms, they're cute, but I like the socks with out them. :D

Nice legs too! I actually started the long daunting process of shaving my winter coat. You know your legs are hairy when you completely skip the dainty womanly razor, don't even bat an eye at the manly 5 blade razor, and go straight for the fully charged beard trimmer. Now that I've got one leg done, I can't finish the rest tonight and knit myself some cute socks!

I'm glad to hear you gave the pom-pom a fair shot. It makes sense that the homemade ones would especially not hold up well.

So cute!

Life is hard when you're a pom-pom. Harder still if you're attached to a sock. Would you want to spend your life peeking over the edge of a shoe? I think not.

You are so funny!! Augusta is a true gem. Fun fact: my (now deceased friend) was Bobby Jones' grandson!

It's cute either way. I do love the colors. Great combo. :)

While I'm sad to see the pom go, I understand the logic. Bye little pom.

I heart the pompoms! Especially ones with a splash of green in them, very cute.

They are great!! I love the pom!!!

Sad to see the poms go, but thrilled to see that you've made the pattern available!

These little peds are great!

Oh Pom-Pom. Your short but meaningful life fills me with sweet regrets.

A lovely pattern!

Nice new banner head! I used to live in Hephzibah, GA which is just outside of Augusta...but I am don't "do" golf. Whenever I play, there are broken windows invovled, really. The demise of the pom pom in modern knitting, it's all documented here. Lovely anklets K.

I think that I prefer it pompom less too! So pretty!

Cute peds with or without the pom-pom.

Adorable. Just the thing for the summer - with or without pom poms!

Very cute! I like the pom-pom, but I agree it would take a beating.

great photos! So the pom pom didn't fare well, but at least you gave it a fair shot. Logic wins out in the end.

I did enjoy seeing "pom pom" written so many times. In some fonts, it looks like "porn porn" at a glance, which kept me giggling like an idiot.

Very cute pattern! :)

I agree no pom pom.

Congrats on another awesome pattern! I think the socks look great with and without the poms! I'd probably leave off the poms, so that my ankles aren't a moving target for cat attack, but they are cute!

perhaps, pom-poms would not be considered (to keep the footie heel from slipping into the abyss) if the heel section was higher? it think the pom-poms are very very cute!

VERY cute! I live here in Augusta!

What size(s) is the pattern made in?

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