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The Promiscuous Knitter Strikes Again or What To Do With Your Spinning

Just because a knitter has a closet full of project bags, she should never hesitate to make another.  After all, they use up small bits of hand spun yarn very nicely.  Let us also not forget that multiple project bags mean that multiple projects will be accommodated.


I made this one from the Pigeon Roof Studios roving that I spun a few weeks back.


I knit it a few days after posting the photo of the yarn.  I has just taken me this long to get around to sewing the lining in.


I found the linen fabric at Purl Patchwork - the little blue cotton print was in the fabric stash.


It is easily tied to a belt loop for carefree knitting while in cafes or waiting in the grocery line.


I cast 4 stitches on a set of US size 8 DPN's and knit in the round, increasing 4 stitches in each alternate round. (Oops, sorry! Your bag won't have a flat base if you increase on alternate rounds, do it every round!)  Once the base was the desired size, I switched over to a circular and used the magic loop method, knitting until the sides seemed to be a respectable height.   An i-cord bind off was used for the top edge.  Finally there was a good dunk in a bath of Soak for some wet blocking. 


I let the whole thing sit around the house for a few weeks, then sewed a lining and made an i-cord drawstring with some leftover sock yarn.


Finished dimensions:

Diameter of base - 5"
Height of the sides to the i-cord bind off - 6 1/2"
Overall height - 11"
Length of i-cord drawstring - 26"


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Very nice! I like this idea for using up small amounts of handspun — this might become a project for my very first handspun.

I love it. What a fantastic idea!

Couldn't help but smile because I've just finished something similar so, of course, I love it!

I love it! You are so creative. What a wonderful way to use handspun.

As others have said, a great idea for handspun! Now I know what I am going to do with that first handspun that I have patiently waiting in the stash! Brilliant work!

I love it! What a wonderful idea!! Now...just to start spinning. I haven't quite convinced my husband that I need to do that as well. He seems to think I already have enough yarn. And we both know...you can NEVER have enough :o)

I love it! So cute!


So cute!!! I'm going to have to make some with the bin of left-over misc. yarns I have piling up!!! Great idea. :)

Fabu idea! Does the liner go all the way to the bottom of the bag?

Very charming bag! You're so creative!

Adorable! I love these little bags, and yours is especially cute.

Oh just what I would love to have. I love the little sock bag I have but it has a zipper and for waiting in line or walking it can easily catch my working yarn as I pull. I would love to make something like this one tho. But oh when will I find the time? I think I need some homespun yarn first too. I love the way your's looks. Thanks for sharing the idea!

How cute!!

Lovely job! Until I read "It is easily tied to a belt loop for carefree knitting while in cafes or waiting in the grocery line" I was thinking, "OOOH! Wine bottle holder!" I might have a problem.

I love it! It's so beautiful!
If my sewing wasn't so pathetic in the extreme I'd make one out of my new handspun! My very first! It's quite slubby (ahem) so I think it'd look lovely!

Love it, I am so impressed by your multi-crafting abilities!!

Oh my that's beautiful! I love the colors in the yarn and how the lining brings out all the blue. This is great, I could stand to make another project bag. My closet is full of them. :D

Oooo, a fantastic project for handspun!!! I'm gonna have to keep this in mind :-)

What a fantastic pattern. I love that you are so generous sharing these things with us. Does the lining go all the way down the bag or is it just inside the top edge of the knitting?

It's lovely.

What a great idea! Such a cute little bag and the hand spun looks fabulous!

What a nice bag! I love the yarn you spun, and it looks nice with your fabric choices.

Very, very cute! Now, I must learn to spin?!

Great bag and great idea! I really like how you can tie it to a beltloop--ingenious.

What a great use of your handspun! I struggle with the fact that I've got a few 100gram skeins of handspun and I have no idea what to do with them, I may end up making one of these.

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