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Spinning and Stitching

I've been madly spinning my yarn for the Spun Stitches KAL.  After a bit of swatching I decided that my singles just wouldn't do the trick.  They were too thin and the swatch looked sparse. 


So, I spun another spindle full and plied them.  I've ended up with about 170 yards.  I'll need a lot more than that to knit a shawl.  But I am an impatient sort.


So I cast on for the Myrtle Leaf Shawl from Victorian Lace Today.  If you knit this shawl, be sure to check the errata.  There is an error in line 13 of the chart.


Between the spinning and the knitting this will be a long term project.  There will be lots of smaller projects thrown in along the way.


Including the second ped.  Thanks for all of your input on the pom pom.  For those who asked, I will be writing up the pattern as I knit the second sock.  It shouldn't take too long.


As I've been spinning and knitting, my kids have been folding paper.  They are in a origami phase.  We saw one of these amazing balls at a friends house.  He was nice enough to let us have it so we could figure out how to make one ourselves.  The balls have led to other designs.  DD#1 has been making frogs all morning.  Some of them even hop.  We'll be going to Pearl River Market this afternoon to stock up on more paper.


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Wow...your hand spun knits up very nicely! I love the color of it all. It's such a pleasant blue to look at. It's looks mighty soft too.

Thanks for the update on the errors! Luckily there's not mistakes on the shawl I'm going to make, but I do plan on making the Myrtle Leaf shawl one day, so I'll have to print that off and stick it in the book.

Those are some awesome origami balls. I've tried making things out of paper, but the only thing I could really get the hang of was a paper box.


The cartoon frog is adorable! I don't think I could do these, but I'm sure your girls would get a kick out of it all. :D

I love the color of your yarn and the lace is looking lovely.

Your kids always have the coolest hobbies.

Beautiful blue!Looks like another gorgeous shawl.Everything you do is gorgeous!Okay everything you show us is gorgeous...See I knew you would argue with me there.LOL!

The new shawl is going to be spectacular!

Gorgeous! That's a lot of yarn to create on a spindle! Good for you.

Oh wow! That lace is a true work of art - and completely hand made.

Tell the kids I'm in origami mode too - with fabric. Interesting past time, no? :)

Your yarn is just gorgeous. I love the origami too!

Origami is super fun. I went through an origami / paper folding phase too! I wish I was better at folding straight lines. The coolest patterns are always the most intricate!

So pretty! I love all the airiness between motifs. The yarn is luscious!

The yarn is fantastic! It's going to bea really great shawl!

oh wow, your yarn looks wonderful- did you say already what fibre you are using? That shawl is going to be fabulous. The pattern is so lovely. I can't wait to see this progress!!! :0)

Wow, you are so brave and fast! Your spun yarn looks fantastic! I liked the singles, but plied it's just gorgeous! I envy you a little, but I'm happy myself, because I've spun very thin (for me) on my wheel today. Lots more to spin, but nowhere near my Spun Stitches project. The paper thingies look great. I used to fold paper and make frogs, which could hop when I was a child. And we made "Himmel & Hoelle" where there was something written in the corners. It was a fun game to play. It's nice to see that your daughters are so creative as well!

Wow your spun yarn is beautiful! What a goreous shawl it's going to be. I haven't attempted one yet myself. I'm in the mindless knitting stage right now. ;-)

I love the origami!! I have 1 grandson into it too. Something quiet for the kids to do right? I might even introduce it to the others this Christmas ... instead of attempting all the knitting I don't have time for, LOL. 18 grandchildren, 18 pairs of mittens.

Oh my gosh, that shawl is going to be so gorgeous. I'm in awe of anyone who spins the yarn for a lace shawl. It's so amazing to me!!

Wow, such beautiful yarn. I love it in that pattern.

I'm impressed with the yarn, and it's color - pretty pattern for the shawl.

The paper balls are cute.

Very pretty lace. The spun yarn is gorgeous.

Beautiful shawl! I've always loved origami - I had to make 1000 cranes for a wedding once!

my sister loved doing oragami when I was little - she would make all kinds of things and leave them all over the house! :)

that handspun is so pretty - the color is beautiful!

wow! your shawl is really coming along!
i wanted to let you know i got my first bag of roving at a local festival this weekend!i'm so excited! but i don't have a drop spindle...what do you recommend as a cheap, starting tool? thanks!

I am so impressed by your (laceweight!) handspun. I can't wait to see your shawl worked up - I love that pattern, it's definitely on my to-knit list.

That shawl is going to be a pretty impressive project with that gorgeous handspun...very epic. The origami balls are so cute - what a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Very pretty! I like yours better than the shawl in the book!

Cool origami. A friend tried to teach me how to fold the hopping frogs. He kept saying, "You're too smart for this to be so hard." I'll stick to knitting.

Love the way the handspun is knitting up. The pattern looks wonderful.

I find origami incredibly difficult, so am in awe of your kids. Their balls look great.

The yarn is absolutely beautiful - no wonder you wanted to get knitting with it immediately. Love the colour!

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