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No Babies Here

But I sure like to knit for them.


After seeing the adorable booties that Julie Frick knit many weeks back, I've been seeking out babies to make a pair for.  I took a trip to the library on Monday, dug through my stash for some STR and cast on.  They are so quick, easy and C-U-T-E!


Pattern:  Classic Cashmere Bootees from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies, by Erika Knight
Yarn:  Socks That Rock - I lost the ball band and can't find the color on the Blue Moon site or the Fold.  Does anyone recognize it?
Needles:  US size 5
Time to make: Less than an hour each

Comments:  The only thing I'm not crazy about with this pattern is the seam up the back of the bootie.  Since they have a rolled top the seam shows.  I guess the thing to do would be to rip out the top 1/2" of the seam and re-sew that bit on the outside of the bootie.


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Oh, so cute! I too have been bitten by the baby bootie bug (so much alliteration!). I might have to try my hand at these too...

They are wicked cute! And once they are on baby's feet that seam won't show anymore.

So cute! I love those gorgeous colors. And I agree with carole--the seams don't matter much when they're in use. Or even when they're not! I didn't even notice it in the photos until you pointed it out.

I was sent some French angora by one of my readers last week and my fist thought was: baby socks! No babies here either...

Those are totally adorable and teeny!

Yay for booties! Very cute, they are going to look adorable on some lucky babys feet, and noone will be any the wiser about the seams.

there seems to be a big baby knitting thing going around. I like baby projects. It's like instant gratification knitting. So simple, sweet and quick. All the best qualities in a project. They look great!

Aahh! I'm blinded by the tiny cuteness. Wow.

Really cute :)

Since you like making booties and knitting for charity, you could make some for the neonatal ICN at Duke where our sister works. They are my new charity knitting project :) Think how fast it would go when you only need to make them teeny weeny.

If you can't find a baby I'm sure a little gnome would look adorable in them, so cute!

what a great way to use up sock yarn leftovers!!!

Awww they are sooooo cute!

So cute ... and I don't have or want any babies for awhile. Tehe, 18 grandchildren will do it thank you! The baby is now 1 year. Ah but some day ... great-grandchildren.

Aww!So sweet.I have been doing some baby knitting too.I need to post it.I need to do more.The baby will be here in a month!

So cute! I don't have any babies to knit for either, but baby knits are very adorable.

How sweet. I love knitting for babies. The booties are adorable!

How cute are those! I just bought some vintage angora, but unfortunately don't have any babies to knit for.
Also need to tell how perfectly adorable your peri yarn is. And that is spindle spun?! I'm in awe!

I remember the day when I'd have a few dozen booties hanging around for all the babies on deck... Those were the days of easy knitted gifts.

Super cute booties! I just bought that book last week -- now I know what to start with.

They are really very cute!


I am SO behind on my blog reading, having just returned from vacation, but those are so incredibly sweet!

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