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Lets Talk About Yarn for a While

Have you tried Malabrigo Lace yet?  No?  Why not?


This yarn is everything you would expect it to be.  The amazing Malabrigo colors, the incredible Malabrigo softness.  It blooms as you knit with it.  With a price under $10 for 470 yards you can afford to make epic shawls.


I bought mine at Modern Yarn.  I all but dumped the bin of scrumptiousness over my head when I discovered it shortly after walking into the store on Thursday.  I kept making up my mind on color and changing it again because the colors were all so alluring.  In the end I settled on Garnet.  It's a good Project Spectrum choice.


I've chosen to make Icarus because the pattern shows off the color so well.
Don't worry about my Spun Stitches shawl.  It is seeing some knitting action too.  I've never, never been a monogamous knitter.

On a completely unrelated note, I've finally gotten around to installing Photoshop.  I immediately made a new banner for this blog.  (The old one was pretty weak.)  The customized banner seems to be showing up in Explorer and Safari.  But I'm a Firefox user, and for some reason the old banner still shows on Firefox.  Any Typepad users or techy gurus have any idea why? 

Now go out and buy some Malabrigo lace.  And if you go to Modern Yarns to buy it, save some for me.  I'm going back for seconds.


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When I changed my banner, it took about 2 days to show up in Firefox. :( I assumed it was some techie DNS thing that I don't understand. Now I'm off to hunt for Malabrigo laceweight...

The stuff is amazing... I love the colors and it is so soft ;)

Well, if it's helps, I'm using Firefox right now and it does show up. Are you using CS? I love my photoshop, there's an unlimited amount of things you can do with it. If you get a wacom, it makes working with it that much more fun. I love the yarn color by the way. I definitely need to get the mag. with the Icarus shawl in it. The shawl pattern I really want to get my hands on is Swallowtail. $10 for 470 yards is amazing. I'm always so worried that I won't have enough yarn to finish the shawl. I'm excited to see this when she's finished!

I've never used the Malabrigo Lace but I'll give it a shot since you like it so much. :-)

Hi - what a beautiful yarn! Icarus is going to be lovely...

As a tech guru, I will explain that Firefox may have been caching your banner image - in other words, it was displaying a copy of the old image instead of downloading the new one every time. This only lasts a couple of days. If it is still happening, press Ctrl and F5 at the same time to force a refresh.

Hope that helps. I use Firefox and I see the new banner. :)

I had no idea Malabrigo was so inexpensive. I'll have to look into this straightaway.

Hooray for new banners!

Such pretty yarn -- a good choice for Icarus!

Oh wow.As if I don't have enough yarn.I love Malabrigo.The buttery softness and the colors.And now lace weight?My husbands credit card is starting to weep quietly.Hehehe!
Icarus is looking gorgeous already.I am working on my first big shawl project.I will post pics soon.

I have to admit that I haven't yet, but I think I need to try one of the laceweight yarns in my stash to make sure that I even like knitting with laceweight. So far my lace patterns have been with worsted yarns, I'm working my way down, however.

I refreshed and see it now. :D

You know that lace weight I showed a week or two ago? That's malabrigo lace, but for cheap. Don't hate me!

I love the color you're using. Great choice for this time around with PS.

I see your new banner! The old one is probably cached - press and hold the Shift key, then reload the page (that forces firefox to fetch the version on your server rather than used the cached one).

That Malabrigo laceweight looks yummy, I love the subtle variegation.

Yup, I'm on Firefox too (LOVE IT) and I see your new banner (LOVE IT). Malabrigo laceweight - when I get my hands on some, I bet I'll LOVE IT!!

Loving your banner on Firefox! I enjoyed Malabrigo on my head all last winter - I think around my shoulders would be nice too - Icarus will be beautiful in Garnet!

The new banner caught my eye immediately. Your handspun I am guessing? Very, very nice.
Malabrigo? Uh, oh.

So you were up here in my neck of the woods! I haven't been to Modern Yarn in a few months... maybe the new Malabrigo is a good excuse for me to stop by there (especially since you're the 2nd blogger I've read who's mentioned it today). Love the new banner!

I forgot to mention: I also love your pics of the yarn! Very shabby chic!

The new banner is great! Your own handspun I assume? That garnet Malabrigo is luscious. I can't wait to see it in person.

Love the banner - and that yarn isn't too shabby either. :)

Your banner is so hip!;)

Thanks for this post, I didn't even know that Malabrigo lace weight existed!!

Malabrigo laceweight!? Gah! Thanks for the tip!

Oh, oh, Malabrigo lace. Oh so luscious looking. The color you chose is so pretty.

I picked up some of the same yarn at Webs last month -- pretty stuff!

mmmmmm.... you have me sold, what prettiness!!

oooh - that is so pretty! If I knit lace, I'd be buying some!!!

Dang! That looks yummy!

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